Unfortunately, there are many airplane crashes in the world every year.

From its inception, the main goal of aviation is flight safety and preservation of passenger life. I decided to connect my life with aviation, that’s why I became a cadet of Belarusian State Academy of Aviation, and I want to make the contribution to the development of this industry.

Everyone knows that the main value in life – is life itself. For this reason, I decided to connect my proposal with the safety of flights.

The subject of this project is a bracelet, which is put on the passenger's hand during check-in and removed at the end of the flight. To prevent unforeseen situations the bracelet is fastened ...

BRAILLE II implements a cheap, simple and portable multi-line Braille display compatible with any touch screen device, allowing low-income blind users to get access to education, public services and work opportunities easier than ever.

The device implements a mechanism that can generate Braille symbols and automatically slide them across user's finger, imitating the tactile feedback they would get reading ordinary Braille text. User's other hand is used to navigate across the surface of the screen of, let's say, a tablet. Said tablet reads touch coordinates and transmits a corresponding letter to BRAILLE II which is subsequently displayed to the user. Any graphical or console interface can be made available in Braille just by sending corresponding symbol commands to BRAILLE ...

Problem statement:
Brake failure in vehicles is serious issue and it is classified as ‘ASIL D’ hazardous in automotive. The common reason for brake failure is wearing of brake pad.

-->Current brake pad wear indication technique has a wire loop inside the abrasive material. This wire loop is connected to the control unit of the vehicle. When the brake pad wears, wire loop get open circuited and it is detected by the control unit of the vehicle. Thus the brake pad wear indication is provided to the vehicle user.
-->With the wire loop technique, the vehicle user can be alerted with certain percent of abrasive material remaining in the brake pad and need to be replaced. This has ...

* The automotive industry continues to look at new ways to meet tightening government regulations. Presently, the top half of a modern overhead cam engine is a busy, crowded place filled with valves, springs, seals, gaskets, bearings and more. It works but at the cost of complexity and it operates at less than optimal efficiency.

* Our innovative camless valve-train concept, Glide Valve Engine Technology (glidevalve.com) is a patented new head design to maximize the volumetric efficiency of any internal combustion engine. The novelty for Glide Valve Engine Technology is that it seals the combustion pressure with a non-invasive valve. In addition, it utilizes independent electronic software-driven actuators that can open the intake valve sooner and close the exhaust ...

Hello! It hurts me to see people die in car accidents. Sometimes there is a fire in an accident. And inside the car there are people. They can't open the door to get out. And unfortunately, they die inside the car. Because of this, I came up with such a rescue hatch. This rescue hatch does not deform in an accident. Because it is made from a steel material.You can always open it from the inside. And I hope that people can escape through this rescue hatch during a car fire! (I do not know English, unfortunately. I am writing with the help of Google ...


Salt and other chemicals rust undercarriage components. Car-bottom rust is dangerous and expensive. The undercarriage is vulnerable to damage due to lack of care. Salt and mud damage is a safety issue -- many undercarriage components cannot be rustproofed. The greatest need for non-collision car repair results from preventable undercarriage rust.

Undercarriage rust damages the environment by destroying vehicles, wasting money and energy, and squandering resources required to prematurely replace rust damaged vehicles. Vehicles driven through floodwater are bio-hazards. Car makers mandate undercarriage washing. They specify that it be done manually, warn of potential injury from sharp undercarriage metal, and threaten to void warranties if such washing is not done.

The undercarriage is the only car surface that ...

Carbon dioxide emissions are costing the world economy every year. It is likely to suffer highest economic damage from climate change after the US. The country-level SCC for India alone is estimated to be about $86 per ton of CO2. For US, the cost is about $50 billion per ton. This means that the nearly five billion metric tons of CO2 the US emits each year is costing the US economy about $250 billion.

The number the US uses to estimate the social cost of carbon is too low. When damages from sea level rise, extreme weather and other effects are taken into account, the global social cost of carbon is $180 to $800 per ton, rather than ...

Carbon Fiber Monolith With Carbon Hydrophilic-Nanotubes provide:

Stationary Generator in OPEN air. Wind blowing past monolith increases power.

Water maker in open air, adsorbing water then electric swing desorption.

Closed cylinders with pistons reciprocating can be force away from each other, reciprocating from electric Flash-Desorption of water off the surface of carbon fiber monolith with carbon nano-tubes HIGH surface area.

Natural gas and hydrogen, including any fluid or gas, can be adsorbed onto monolith increasing the SAFETY of transporting ANY fuel.

Decomposing water or natural gas into Hydrogen gas source is much more efficient.

A battery terminal application becomes the most efficient battery when fluid surround ONE monolith high surface area of nanotubes SPACE by carbon fiber.

Patent ...

Record-breaking amount of Sargassum is in the Caribbean resulting in the largest problem ever. The major problem it has brought are it piles up on beaches, sometimes many feet thick and begins to decay. The hydrogen sulphide that gets released smells like rotting eggs and many resorts had to close their doors. Since the species are Sargassum natans and Sargassum fluitans float they block sunlight creating a dead zone beneath them because plants under need sunlight to survive and the clean-up and removal of sargassum is an expensive task. This project proposes a new way to solve this problem. The best solution is a long term solution but the Caribbean economy depends upon tourism so it needs a quick ...

Modern diesel engines move cargo all over the world and generate electricity. My idea is to use supplemental Oxygen to duplicate the effects of Nitrous Oxide without adding additional Nitrogen. Thus, by using a dedicated Oxygen Generator, you increase combustion and reduce fuel usage.

The Oxygen Generator supplies an additional 13% pure Oxygen to the engine in question to raise the level to 35/36%.

I have included a picture of a Caterpillar EMD 1010 locomotive engine as an example of the type of diesel that this system is envisioned for. The Oxygen Generator is hooked directly to the engine's air intakes, and as this type of engine runs at 1,000 RPM it would use .06 SCFH of Oxygen.

Thank ...

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