Nano hydro electric generator will be added value to generate electricity from the existing cooling circuits in all types of vehicle applications.

With the implementation of the Bharat Stage VI emission norms, the accumulation of ash in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) will pose a serious problem for automotive industries during the operating period. In the future,

We bring to your attention the electric drive of the roadtrain semi-trailer axle.

The device is installed on the semi-trailer axle. Instead of standard brake discs, the star gears and 2 asynchronous motors are put,

Metro Fit is an Active Public Transit application for the city of LA. It aims to highlight the importance of community participation in sustainable mobility practices.

Based on ethnographic research and literature review, evidence suggests that despite adequate affordances to use public transit,

What is proposed is a trailer with extra lithium batteries for electric SUV's to allow them to go to remote places where recharging would not be available.

Trailer to be equipped with batteries and necessary converter to extend EV range for SUV going off road


The Enduralock Locking Header Bolt is a mechanically locking, high vibration resistant fastener, that for maintenance is easily reversible and reusable. Application (or removal) only requires a standard hex socket. The components are manufactured through a forging and stamping process to greatly reduce the cost in production.

There are too many fossil fuel cars on the roads and streets in the world, causing pollution, congestions and accidents. But the existing public transit vehicles and services are not efficient and attractive enough to make most car users change their behaviour and use buses,

A parabolic obstructor in funnel throttle valve for use in internal combustion engines for regulating the inflow of air or fuel-air mixture into the engine or individual combustion chambers inside the engine.

Mechanical linkage which allows for a limited degree of relative vertical motion between its endpoints while not allowing them any relative motion at all in one horizontal direction and hardly any in the other horizontal direction.

The solution differs from a basic, swivelling or rotating,

This is not a duplicate or copy of any of my other bearing design submissions. The rollers in this bearing design are parallel to the bearing shaft or central axis, not incident or intersecting with it.

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