The advent of digital camera’s have rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based camera’s and would desire to continue using them.

Social distancing is ultimately about creating physical distance between people who don’t live together. At the community level, it means closing schools and workplaces and canceling events like concerts and Broadway shows. For individuals,

Discovered Discrete Geometry Relationship between a Non-Regular Icosahedron and the other Five Regular Solids, of possible interest to Scientists.

Under the current exposure to the virus [corona] conditions one should not hesitate learning possibilities of accepting and use of new discoveries and particularly those bearing “change of paradigm,


The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of UASs allows proposing innovative operational options such as the ability to spray a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere.

This is the case of NitroFirex,

Underwater divers may swim in waters with limited visibility. Commercial divers may operate at depths where sunlight does not penetrate.

Sonar images could be presented on a organic led emitting diode screen which replaces the diver's normal mask. The proposed mask covers the entire view of the diver.

As it becomes apparent that the COVID-19 virus can be exhaled as an airborne pathogen, it becomes equally important to protect oneself from inhaling the virus in its bioaerosol form.

Proposed is a downdraft visor,

As per title drones can be used as a power bank to recharge the drying batteries of sensors.

A drying battery will send a signal to recharge it and the drone will be ready to fly to recharge the battery of sensor by detecting the location of sensor.

During training for or in emergency response situations, it's useful to know team members' positions in real-time, but can be difficult to do so. Losing someone’s position could have undesired impacts, such as a failure to contain/apprehend or friendly fire situations.

There is rapid development in drone technology nowadays, they are being used in almost every other field. In this, we will be talking about the usage of drones in fish farms.

A fish farming drone can attentively be in charge of fish rearing tanks,

There is no need to dread over time consuming landscaping efforts, for the consumer friendly drono Mower[Patent Pending] will perform all necessary landscaping tasks.

The industrial strength "lift" capabilities complemented by advanced accelerometer/gyroscope technology is the driving force of this technology.

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