What if we can help 60 million people who are displaced around the world be more comfortable? Refugee camps are getting bigger every year due to the instability of countries across the globe and people are fleeing to safety.

The first half of 2020 brought hardship, job loss, food shortages and closing businesses and communities mourning the loss of their family members. Businesses now must adapt to and improve their way to serve customers and workforce as local, state &

Buckyball sphere shape is directed to propulsion and power production. Triangle panels are provided with the shortest length panel edge forming the outer surface edges of the hexagons and pentagons buckyball sphere extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges,

There are too many fossil fuel cars on the roads and streets in the world, causing pollution, congestions and accidents. But the existing public transit vehicles and services are not efficient and attractive enough to make most car users change their behaviour and use buses,

This bearing design is meant to reduce, as much as possible, sliding contact between load bearing rolling elements inside an axial bearing. It's designed to do this by employing spherical rolling elements which are stacked in three intermeshed,

The principal innovative aspect of this design is that even though the bearing is full complement and cageless, there is no sliding contact between consecutive or touching/neighbouring spherical rolling elements inside of it.

Nor are the spherical rolling elements inside of the bearing being kept apart by a single,

This tapered roller bearing design employs 3 stacked layers of tapered rollers such that any two consecutive tapered rollers with the same one layer of rollers are kept separated, a small distance apart, so that they cannot come into contact and rub against each other, causing friction and load.

Cancer treatments are frequently inaccurate as they can fail to precisely match with each specific patient/disease coupling. "CancerMate",

We all know that global warming is the biggest challenge we ever faced in our world. At this time awareness on global warming is not an issue but the challenge to solve this problem is.

At this point the awareness for prevention of transmission of the Coronavirus is not an issue; the main problem is the efficiency of the implementation process.

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