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Blade fatigue, due to cavitation in rocket engine turbopumps, often triggers catastrophic system failures, costing backers of space missions, launch vehicle operators and their customers millions of dollars every year.

We propose an alternative heatshield design for SpaceX’s Starship.

I want to reduce airplane loss of control accidents. While most general aviation accidents have lessened in recent decades, loss of control has not improved. Some accidents happen because the flyer's imagination does not match reality. Since the air is invisible, our imaginations could be wrong.

​Bulletproof vests are very important and I hope you don’t have to use them in your lifetime because using them means you are being shot at.

This conceptual design is one of the futuristic designs in my thoughts.

My design is for an E- VTOL ( ELECTRIC- VERTICAL TAKE OFF LANDING) Vehicle, which can operate in small areas, without using a runway. Takeoff and landing is done at the same place using turbopropellers,

My lengthy searching of Plato's works, resulting in the Discovered Invention of a New Polyhedron the “GENERATOR POLYHEDRON” [2017 –a Non-Regular Icosahedron, Relating the 5 Platonic Polyhedron] together with my own parallel considerations and questions for the actions and mechanisms of the Galactic Spirals,

The main purpose of project prObe is to design and develop a next-gen aerial autonomous robotic platform (UAV), for extreme and challenging environments. Capable of undertaking high quality data acquisition activities, for inspection and decision-making operations.

Ransomware detection service.

This technology detects the proliferation of ransomwares as malwares that are infecting and disrupting the global cyber infrastructure.

Example: A contest such as Create the Future Design contest brews. First prize winners are presented with state of the art “Laptops and Windows 11 PCs.

Air-Bags-Propulsion-Systems (ABPS) has extended its long stroke ejection technologies (soft mortar) into a versatile soft launching system that can be used to launch missiles with all their aerodynamic surfaces fully deployed, air vehicles such as UAVs and other odd shaped projectiles from boxes and rail systems.

Orbiter mid deck is circular. Its floor has a spheric section curve of very large radius, as if it were a piece of a giant sphere hundreds of feet in diameter. Its imaginary center of revolution is hundreds of feet above.

Deck revolves,

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