Aerospace & Defense

A short-range, portable, and surface to surface missile may have missed striking the target, due to the lack of an auto-guidance system. This would cause more offensive and defensive strikes, which leads to the loss of our soldiers.

Designed is an AI Powered Mobile Jamming Drone that can trace down mobile signals, create a swarm and localize mobile jamming so that it does not affect others. Like in a condition where hostages have been held in a building,

Two concepts invented for delivering cargo to the lunar surface: OPLONAS (Oversized Payload Lander On Non-Atmospheric Somata) and MACEDONAS (Momentum Absorption Catcher for Express Delivery on Non-Atmospheric Somata). The second can derive from the first by scavenging the flexible elements of OPLONAS,

Our design idea solves the problem of providing a means to construct a double layered, expandable dynamic spaceframe, which can transform from one freeform to another, whilst remaining rigid and load bearing throughout its transformation.


This concept based on the defense system application for a high profile person or group of people held by kidnappers/terrorists at gunpoint for their demands.

This concept is titled “HIDDEN GUN DEFENSE SYSTEM.”

This system can be used for several types of important buildings such as parliament,

From WW II and later, also from its use as rotor tip power in some helicopters, we know Ramjets could have a use in certain applications where fuel economy is not first requirement.

The airblast fuel nozzle is a critically important element that decided the fuel atomisation quality. The droplet size determined the evaporation rate and the combustion efficiency, and pollution formation.

An ecological & energized module (EEM) living underlying and fundamental system, which can be typically laid on roofs and almost all the non-roof places and public areas, such as freeways, roads, streets, avenues, pedestrian zones, sidewalks, plazas, courtyards, and corridors.

A space based system to accelerate or de-accelerate a spacecraft in space, said system comprising: one or more sections of magnetic coils configured as a conduit with a flightpath therethrough for the spacecraft,

My idea is an emergency parachute for Paragliders(PG) with a variety of electronic sensors and AI based, data processing CPU which is responsible to recognize dangerous situations automatically in the air and additionally a remote controlled trigger for SIV-Courses and PG school trainings.

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