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Current drone flight approval and evaluation is frustrating both for authorities and drone operators as well. Every single flight plan consumes roughly 40 man hours to the authorities and spans within a week or two limiting scalability.

Ceramics have been integral in the aerospace industry due to their low-density, high compressive strength and thermal stability. However, their range of applications currently remains limited due to their generally brittle fracture behavior. Structures in nature, such as mollusk shells and enamels, have unusual combinations of stiffness, strength,

The E-3 radar aircraft is large, slow and full of expensively trained humans. My idea to to take the already prototyped X-47 B drone and modify it into the Battle Raven concept.

The Retro Reflection Panel works like a mirror. Assume you are in a battlefield and you want to do the job in stealth mode without the enemies knowing your presence. With the help of Retro Reflection Panels installed on you jet or any other aircraft,

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a little experiment of how to develop a Star Wars cannon type ion turbo laser. The critical phase of each laser created is the pumping phase, that is the phase that allows the irradiation of photons in phase.

Viscoelastic materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives are used as constrained damping layers in a variety of applications. Historically, materials such as foams and acrylic and rubber adhesives have been popular choices. However, in the aerospace and defense markets, innovation is occurring at a rapid pace. For example,

The “Comet Towed Ion Propelled Spacecraft” is a concept design for a spacecraft utilizing a combination of modified solar power arrays (for onboard energy production) and ion propulsion thrusters (for thrust and speed),

Solar and cosmic radiation are a major threat to human activity in space. Life on Earth is protected by Earth's magnetic field which deflects high energy particles from the solar wind and other cosmic sources.

Almost twelve years after India’s 1st lunar exploration mission, India bounced back towards the moon with Chandrayaan-2. It was launched in an attempt to deploy a rover on the lunar surface. ISRO had attempted to give the craft a controlled and soft landing.

Gliding is a quite sophisticated aeronautical sport practiced in many countries. Although being a bridge for professional pilots training, it is not a popular sport due to its complex operation, high costs and one reason is the use of planes to launch and tow the gliders.

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