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A semi-tokamak geometry as shown in the accompanying illustrations forms a current carrying magnetized plasma loop. The current is generated either by means of induction or DC biased electrodes or a combination of both.

This article will not dispute climate change cause by greenhouse gases, but shed light on a new theory in the cause of raising temperature. Earth rising in temperature is not only causd by greenhouse gases, but also by the Planetary Orbital Misalignment. What is Planetary orbital Misalignment?

My submission is for a carbon neutral commercial aircraft propulsion. The propeller aircraft gave way to the jet mainly due to the large speed difference between the two. Propellers became inefficient at higher speeds such as Mach .

An aviation design that was overlooked for decades is now the rage with the latest in fighters, stealth and UAV fighter escort fuselages. These can carry more passengers, cargo, fuel, instruments and/or weapons and do some of the lifting of the craft and load as well.

Firearms are very dangerous and I hope you don’t have to use them in your lifetime but history has taught us that people always find a reason to go to war to the end of time.

Many types of railings/guard rails are shown beside the hilly road but that cannot always save cars from falling from a hilly road. Many times a car has fallen by crossing or braking the guard.

Do you remember when you were young and wanted to fly an airplane? Do you remember flying with your hand? Twisting your wrist to climb and dive, bank and turn? It was so easy to feel yourself in a cockpit, zipping through the clouds.

It is seen at the time of a cyclone that the wave of sea is crossing the guard wall and creating a flood. To prevent a flood from this reason the height of the sea guard wall must be increased.

As evidenced by recent events, it is a well-known fact that space debris is a growing threat to operations in space. The proliferation of satellite swarms and constellations is exponentially adding to the danger of catastrophic mission failure or debris scattering. Additionally,

The objective of this research is to design and analyze a semi-tangential ogive bullet using computer-aided design & Computational Fluid Dynamics. There has been a quite steady increase in the research of bullet design in the past few decades.

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