Aerospace & Defense

Romax, a single stage suborbital vehicle long distance delivery solution.

Imagine a Reno Air racer flying straight up into the sky with a rocket motor built into it. Now light that candle and you've got an idea as to how and why Romax works.

Romax ascends like a fast rising drone,

Classic Rocket Propulsion may be defined as the application of force that initiates or changes the motion of a rocket based on Newtonian action-reaction principles. This method is primitive, potentially dangerous, and has limited range due to fuel requirements. It is also very slow,

Hydrogen powered Airship Concept for Medical and Vaccination Response

Inspired by global issues of having healthcare access, combined with the limitations of current aerial technologies in regards of emissions; the Aeromaric - name of the airship - conceptualize air-travel for medical service.

Turbine jet engine designing and manufacturing. I am into aviation industry designing, manufacturing and deployment of UAVs and related products. My customers include engineering students, universities, defense, police and hobby enthusiasts. I started in this field 5 years back with many, many customers.

Introduction/ Inspiration: Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a high intensity laser pulsed for ns (nanoseconds) to form a plasma and atomize a local point on a material sample. When the laser is discharged it ablates a very small amount of material, in the range of nanograms to picograms,

I've developed a set of gloves for future space suits. I'm showing a demonstration video of the early stages of the glove. It works very well and many upgrade have made it even better.

The Light Airship concept is an innovative relaunch of the Dirigible/Airship technology retrofitted with cutting edge modern technology to make it very reliable and the most eco-friendly mode of transport.


SPHERICAL SECTORS [Spherical Caps and Cones] R1 Earth’s Radius
Spherical Sectors [ LO΄WP΄M], [O΄WP΄] and [OSP].F(N) Gravitational Field Lines of Force passing via Caps.N Lines Emanate from K [ Earth’s Center f Gravity ].
N Lines pass,

Electrification in aviation will be one of the big engineering challenges of the near future. Different types of electric powertrain architectures have been proposed and many of them have been implemented and tested in real conditions. So far,

The design I have drawn is a drone. It is not just a drone but it will help many companies and services such as NASA, the Marine Corps and the military. This drone can dive into water so that we can discover thing beneath the oceans,

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