I designed a circuit, built, wired, and programmed an Autonomous Car, so it would drive autonomously by avoiding obstacles. If there is an obstacles in front, or on the right or on the left side of the car, the car would reverse and turn left or right.

The bottle is the result of a study on the consumption of "clean" water by my 9-year-old child.

Studies show us that liquids stored in plastic containers cause allergies, lose properties during storage and even destroy health.

My idea is an emergency parachute for Paragliders(PG) with a variety of electronic sensors and AI based, data processing CPU which is responsible to recognize dangerous situations automatically in the air and additionally a remote controlled trigger for SIV-Courses and PG school trainings.

LifeSense ESD

The LifeSense ESD device consists of a breather body and disposable mouth piece and sensor strip. The breather body and mouth piece are made by injection molding. The sensor strip is prepared specific to the disease to be tested.

Monitoring patients in hospitals tends to be limited to floor mounted machines. This project moves the monitoring to a wrist or taped monitoring system that can include patient owned smart phones and fitness devices.

Most electronic components can be recycled. This means the proper treatment of electronic waste could for save companies’ money and reduce levels of pollution caused by toxic substances. Therefore, getting the consumer to dispose of their e-waste properly is essential.

How to help children fall asleep on their own in an educational way?

To design a product that reinterprets the concept of "monitoring" and "night light" for children, encouraging them to fall asleep without the help of their hands.

NGTF is a feeding appliances kit with a friendly feeding process, including a quick-release outer nasogastric tube, a feeding rack, nutrients and water in aluminum foil packaging, and a fluid extractor.

The aluminum foil packaging of NGTF can be quickly installed on the feeding rack for feeding,

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