Each year, 90 Americans are killed in lawn mowing accidents. Countless more are injured, and the average homeowner will spend 1% of their life mowing their lawn. With technological advances in GNSS positioning, sensor fusion, and obstacle avoidance and detection, autonomous lawn mowers are now a real possibility.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, members of all industries had to start working from home - for some, the lack of a commute and flexible hours felt like a great improvement; for others, the zoom fatigue and isolation made it difficult to focus. Regardless of the experience, it’

This design is focused on providing a very different approach in the usage of a compass with conventional tools. The concept of draughtsman vernier compass with scale. It consists of pin pointed end, graduated scale, slider.

Our goal is to reduce RSI and to automate tasks in industries that haven’t used robotic arms yet due to high costs. We accomplish this by using gravity compensated robotic arms, allowing us to reduce motor cost, use simpler power electronics and control,

Auto H20 is a team that started in the capstone program at San Diego State University. Four mechanical engineers, three electrical engineers, two computer engineers and one graphic designer student developed a full scale prototype of auquio.

The "Smart Plow" is the Snow Plow robotic Machine that attaches to the standard front mounting plate of the Cities' / Municipalities' Trucks.

It operates in the way that removes the snow from the street and deposits it selectively to the side of the street.

Measuring big things is always a challenge. To measure mountain size objects, the golden technique today is using drone topographic scan or ground topographic surveys. These are nice and precise techniques, but they have a few limitations: usually need human intervention,

Flower Harvesting BOT is a new innovative idea which is developed in concern with Farm Labor, in order to reduce the work and time consumption of laborers. Generally, flower plants will be having the harmful thorns which harms the flower plucking laborers while plucking the flowers. Using the BOT,

Currently, in the post-harvest chili industry, separation of the chili pod from the stem is highly manual and it limits the number of chilis that can be destemmed because of the workforce shortage and high costs.

LV-01, a disaster mitigation research robot to house modular payloads ranging from sensors to manipulators to help and assist with disasters along side first responders in singular or collaborative from.

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