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The main goal of the developed Hypersonic UAV (HUAV) will be its use as a test platform for studying such a layout and the subsequent creation of a multifunctional cargo vehicle or a booster aircraft for a spacecraft.

In general, prototype models of aerospace vehicle, aircraft or high speed wing bodies (even in automobiles), objects are tested in a wind tunnel test facility to get theoretical data to design the object at optimum solutions.

I always had a wish to upgrade and accelerate the fight against fires. In my country every summer we have many fires that burn large areas especially on windy days. Many times these fires are close to the sea and can be in areas difficult to approach.

Recent events have highlighted a need for police to have a coordinated response during events, such as an active shooter. "SkySpotter" aims to use increase situational awareness by helping use drones to track positions of those responding to the event in order to improve coordination of the responders.

This entry presents a novel hybrid biologically-inspired dual-reciprocating and oscillation drill and sampler. The proposed system combines both reciprocation motion bioinspired by the wood wasp ovipositor and a new undulatory/oscillation motion bioinspired by the caudal fins of marine creatures,

Our leading edge wrap is designed to protect the leading edge of the main wing and horizontal stabilizer. Made of flexible heavy duty vinyl with foam padding inserts. Soft backing to prevent scratching. The wrap prevents damage and scratches from machines, ladders and lifts.

This is an unmanned aerial vehicle (AUV) that was inspired by the drone Alta 8. There are two cameras, one for an aerial view and another for ground.

Cargo Containers are lashed together to form 600ft x 320ft flight deck (192,000 sq ft), 2-hanger decks (180,000 sq ft/deck) & (9,000,000 cuft volume), 2-pontoons Catamaran hulls (600 ft x120 ft x 50ft), 10,000 tons cargo capacity, 10,000 tons Control Ship (Fletcher Class DD,

Hypersonic flight is closer than you think!

Space Engine Systems' mission is to push the boundaries of sustainable hypersonic flight and space accessibility at the lowest cost. To achieve this goal, a reusable demonstration piloted aircraft, optional unmanned,

Space Engine Systems Inc. (SES), headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, is currently building the HELLO-1 Experimental, a Mach 5 Hypersonic vehicle using Air Breathing Turbo-Ramjet engines. The vehicle is undergoing full scale ground testing in preparation for flight testing this year.

The biggest challenge to success in hypersonic flight,

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