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This system works by disrupting the surface tension of water that 1, forms a wedge under a tire due to a combination of velocity and water depth on the road/runway surface (Dynamic Hydroplaning) and 2, aerosolizing the thin layer of water on oil film that forms on paved

This entry contains a novel swarm control technology for aerospace applications that enable on-orbit servicing, collaboration, and coordination. Certain classes of reconfigurable modular robotics systems are intended to function like social insects or multicellular animals, where millions of cells work together to ensure the survival of the whole.

When it comes to taking cargo into space the current method is to take the cargo, put it on the top of a large rocket and launch it. Launching a rocket is expensive, tens of million of dollars.

Researchers at INL have developed a large-scale spark plasma sintering process. While small scale SPS has been accomplished, the novelty of this process lies in the tooling and knowledge developed to address the scale up issues and fabricate a viable armor tile.

Using the plasma control technologies from Tokamak fusion reactors, my new scramjet engine design can propel an aircraft from a runway and accelerate to hypersonic speeds (> Mach 6) using hydrogen or other combustible fuels.

Reducing cost is one of the important issues for every drone logistics companies. However, most drone logistics systems on the market are too costly to become widely used. Also,

A Mars spacecraft orbiter comprises a crew Habitat Block and a Service Propulsion Block, which are connected via a special crankset mechanism (Figure One) or else equivalent revolving means. The two halves revolve contrary to each other and act as counter-masses.

When it comes to exploring complex and unknown environments such as forests, buildings, or caves, drones are hard to beat. They are fast, agile, and small, and they can carry sensors and payloads virtually everywhere. However, to date,

A feature of the drone is that it includes the properties of aircraft and helicopter types of UAVs. It is equipped with two beams on which 4 lift motors are mounted, designed for vertical takeoff and landing from almost any surface. A pulling engine is installed in the bow,

Traditional planar ducted fans can suffer from stall and drag in edgewise flight due to the high angle of attack at which air must turn into the rotors. This creates blade imbalance and instability in the aircraft that rely upon such fixed fan-in-wing designs.

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