Consumer Product Design

It is a security tape that prevents the possible theft of your cell phone and falls from it.

The effects of global warming are palpable. Heat and cold waves are now more frequent and more extreme. Naturally, we want to feel comfortable and would instinctively rely on air conditioners and radiators to warm up or cool down the spaces we are in. Unfortunately,

The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" is a perfect system for a home hobby side business. The hobbyist provides a "Maker Space" I like to call a "L'Robotoriuim Shop" http://LRobotorium.

With my years of travel to developing countries, especially Africa, I often wished I had a bathroom scale to monitor my weight. Way too bulky and heavy. I have searched and searched and there appears to be nothing on the market. Plenty of scales for weighing suitcases and fish.

The Head Mounted Display Evaporator is the perfect place to put away your VR Headset in between sessions. It especially shines when having friends over for a night of Beat Saber, and the sweat would make the headset gross to share.

My latest invention is pretty straightforward: a bullet hits the target pendulum, the pendulum goes backwards and up and knocks a can out of the holder and up into the air where it becomes another moving target to shoot at.

1) Issue: safety glasses fog when technicians have a dusk mask on. This issue was amplified more so during Covid.

2) Current "fogless" glasses don't work because instead of fog there is running water that also obstructs the vision.

Petron Plus Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube ISL) is made from a unique formulation of the highest quality petroleum base stocks available fortified with Petron Plus Formula 7 state of the art nano additive technology to enhance oxidation resistance and provide maximum protection against wear, rust, and corrosion.


Deficiency-symptom/s solver/ remover

Failure of fertilizers to sweeten fruits eg sweeten fruits or great flavours [making fruits develop great taste]

Failure of fertilizers to [stimulate/ stabilize] flowers to bloom effectively & productively
eg prevent eg early dropping-off before maturity,

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