Consumer Product Design

There is a significant need for coal and coal miners in the modern world. With the increase in the demand for coal miners, they experience higher risks to life. A smart helmet is an upgraded version of a miners' original helmet.

ForHer is a cross-platform mobile application that enables ladies to purchase pads from the nearest store.

The program can be used by everyone, and not just her. Even us, the fathers, brothers, husbands, friends and boyfriends.

BlisCare is an EdTech innovation that aims to provide affordable digital education solutions for visually impaired students with a Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) which can replicate at real time into digital braille (in the form of Digital Tablet) that will replicate any text,

Too often during the puttying process one has to climb a 10' ladder with the putty bucket or the competition putty board/pan in one hand and the putty knife in the other, only to find that while on top of said ladder,

This new inventive concept is to improve shock absorption, cushioning, spring and comfort for shoes. In particular athletic shoes are subjected to forces from running, jumping and walking. The traditional approach has been cushioning with foams or air bladders. While these are reasonably effective,

I have designed an UVC air filter that actively sterilizes the air without the need to evacuate the room. It involves a duct fan which draws air through a physical filter on the intake at the bottom. The filter eliminates dust. This increases the efficiency of the UVC sterilization.

The Passive Porous Tube Nutrient Delivery System is a plant growth technique developed for space applications that delivers a nutrient solution to the roots of plants via capillary action. The system was designed for use in microgravity.

This product is a kind of personal protection equipment. UV torch contains both UV-A and UV-C LED inside. UV-C Light for disinfecting the surfaces from bacteria and most viruses. UV-A light is used to detect bacteria from surfaces.

Initially designed for the automotive industry, the Cordless Box Wrench was developed to gain access to hard-to-reach fasteners, and reduce the amount of time needed to complete repair jobs and projects. However, it has been found that this tool is more utilitarian,

Jar Mate (patent pending) is a versatile suite of adapters easily fastening to discarded jars and cans, converting them into attractive stylish vessels for drinking, vases and more. This incentivizes the repurposing of discarded jars,

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