Consumer Product Design

My device is a personal cooling backpack. It has two versions. The first cools a metal plate embedded in the body-facing side of the pack, and the second cools a fluid that circulates through an additional wearable vest attached to the backpack.

An urban noise and building envelope with built-in roof drainage system and with a low carbon footprint.

Green Screen solves both the problem of traffic noise and flooding in the event of cloudbursts. The core of the Green Screen consists of noise-absorbing mineral wool,

The Lok Box is designed to eliminate porch package theft by securing itself to any residence or building with just two anchor screws on inside the bottom of its base. The Lok Box is two structures in one.

The Compressent Desk Chair is the first product that offers the therapeutic feature of self-regulated compression to enhance employee productivity. The benefits of pressure on the body have been proven to calm the nervous system. Several products aimed at providing compression have been introduced over the years,

We look at monitors all day. Computers, smart phones and television monitors are just a few. I present a monitor that can change the size of images, present simultaneous multiple images and, fitted with internal cameras,

Companies achieved international leadership styles through innovations that create competitive advantage by perceiving an entirely new market or serving market segments ignored by others.

The Concert Hands System (CHS) is the first to utilize Robotics and Haptic Technology to teach piano playing in a new and non-traditional way. The future of piano learning is here.

DreamBox aims to give a new concept to classic piggy banks by encouraging and educating children to save money in a fun way. It helps children save money for two separate goals. After they decide their goals, they can find the picture of their goals,

The invention is a shelf assembly with a hidden compartment accessed by a sequential multi-stage lock. The shelf assembly may be utilized for security of personal or business items. The shelf assembly may be constructed from a flexible material, such as a polymer,

Trying and failing to find the edge of a roll of packing tape is a regular annoyance to millions of people. Our patent pending technology and prototype demonstrate a highly sensitive method to locate the edge of a stuck tape roll.

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