Consumer Product Design

Rudra is a smart health assistant spherical mobile robot capable of indoor navigation with applications in hospital floors or at homes. The purpose of Rudra is to customize to a human's needs. With the ability to follow the specified human and look out for any obstacles,

Introducing gym equipment designed for those who want to flex/exercise while seating.

Flex'em is designed to offer the users a rhythmic range of movements that leads to an increase in heart rate, and in turn, helps you to burn calories through their purpose of movements.

1.2 million people die every year from traffic accidents. Over 370.000 are motorcycle riders. It is estimated over 150,000 lives could be saved just by promoting a solution that encourages the use of the adequately fastened helmet (worn and firmly fastened),

Humanity is currently facing a crisis that is equal to or greater than the tragedies of World Wars I&II. At the current rate of environmental degradation caused by global warming and climate change, the planet may be uninhabitable before the turn of the 21ST century.

The Google Maps Drone delivers goods/packages to map markers in Google maps. This is user-friendly and doesn't require knowledge of operating a drone. Anyone who can use a Google map can operate the Google Maps Drone.

Fire and Lightning Protection Coil By John R. Thompson

I was a child of the 1950's and hula hoops were used by the young and old. After breaking several, we strung them together to make a huge hula hoop. That was boring, so we tried something new.

DAMPS D Drive 5.0

Both body massage and bodily exercise of the musculature induce various physical pressures on the venous blood vessels throughout the circulatory system.

Eccentric Overload Training (EOT) sets and maintains an Eccentric weight that is heavier than the set Concentric weight of an exercise cycle (cycle being lifting/lowering, pulling/releasing, etc.). Many studies demonstrate and confirm the tremendous benefits of EOT over traditional resistance training - faster and greater muscular/tendon/ligament strengthening,

This is a Gun/Revolver with an embedded microchip. Which is linked/connected with the mobile phone number of the individual owner which can be real-time traceable like a mobile phone. Need to have tie-ups with mobile service providers.

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