Lead-halide perovskites are highly sought-after semiconducting materials that can harvest sunlight and convert it into renewable electricity. Their low cost and high efficiency make them ideal for optoelectronic applications like solar cells and LEDs. They are, however, extremely sensitive to light, heat, air,

My new and innovative subject which will surely be used in the future is "Antennie." This project is in the sections "Electronics, Sensors, IoT" and "Consumer Product Design" (in my opinion). Why is it called that? Now I will explain to you.

As hostile nation-state actors turn to cyber-attacks, they are becoming more strategic. Strategic attacks are those in which an attacker, often a hostile nation-state actor, penetrates a network to gain control of a process, adjusting valves and moving set-points.

A device for the blind

Every day people meet different people, see different things, go to different places. In our life, we receive various information with the help of our eyes and make decisions based on them. But there are blind people among us.

SOLUTION: it’s connecting disabled people with able-bodied people in a fun / socialable way/it’s also helping removing inferiority complex in disabled people/ promoting equality among people of different disabilities/ abilities
• it facilitate quick/ instant conversion /animation of signs/ scenes / actions into another form of gestural/ sign

With the advent of war between Russia and Ukraine and the recovery from COVID-19, we can see that there is a noticeable shortage of food for the population. Having food nearby will be cost saving and convenient in terms of supply chain.

Over the last few years, online education has advanced rapidly. During the pandemic, almost all educational institutions have been forced to transition to an online education form. Colleges started taking classes and tests online, for courses in all fields.

The interface like "Caps lock" should be provided to copy the text whatever I was writing now onwards by keeping that interface in high mode until I make that interface low.

Now the content to be pasted gets copied to the software now use "ctrl v" or pasted opt to paste wherever needed.

There is a critical need for accurate real-time sensors to detect and identify microbial pathogens.

Problem Statement:
Wastewater that leaks out of defective pipe joints and cracks contaminate ground and surface water and cause a host of other problems, including pipe structure failures due to erosion of soil support, and sinkholes due to erosion of underground soil.

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