Sort the parking, precisely, on public streets without signage. Giving place both front and back to vehicles, already parked.

Autonomously, without need of the driver or the vehicle on, for this purpose. Put on notice the driver, who comes in motion, with a visual signal (LED light),

"Kind Nanny" - this project was created for smart cities and public places to help easily find lost children! Babysitting not only helps find children, she advertises and pets that are lost or left to the mercy of fate!

We have developed a working method to immediately detect and locate nearby, unknown personal trackers using only a combination of simply RF demodulation and a custom algorithm.

Personal trackers such as Apple’s AirTag®, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag®, Tile Tracker® and others are being used to stalk people,

Wireless power generating computer mouse and mousepad used to harvest mouse movement using a triboelectric nanogenerator. The power produced by the mouse motion on the mousepad is used to power the mouse.

Power generating mousepad and wireless mouse that are self-powered using triboelectrification.

Objective and Purpose:
Parental Weather Companion, a.k.a Parents' Weather Companion, is a unique mobile iOS app that is available in almost all form factors to be installed and used on either an iOS Mobile Phone or an iPad.

If you are in a rush,

Conventional surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates are usually performed by Ag-or-Au metal nanoparticles (Ag,Au-MNPs) in suspension-or-solid substrates. The SERS mechanism is widely explained by the hot spots and shape of Ag,Au-MNPs. Here,

The MakerLisp COR24 microprocessor is a CPU architecture and implementation leveraging the unique performance benefits of low-cost FPGAs. This processor is a hedge against the rising costs and unpredictable availability of mass produced custom semiconductor microprocessor and micro-controller products.

A robust, reliable, downloadable OS for modern smart phones along the lines of "PureOS" https://pureos.net/ that the customer can easily download and install on their devices to replace the default service provider's proprietary Android, Apple iOS, or Microsoft operating system.


In this IoT-based real time water quality monitoring system, we have interfaced four pH, turbidity, TDS, temperature sensors, and we have interfaced two motors for inlet and outlet of samples.

Communication plays an important role in everyday life. We as human beings tend to communicate our needs to one another.

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