Researchers at the University of Arizona are developing a COVID-19 testing method that uses a smartphone microscope to analyze saliva samples and deliver results in about 10 minutes, at the accuracy of detecting a single virus copy. The UArizona research team,

Search & Rescue (SAR) operations, in particular for victims lost in forests, is one of the challenging tasks faced by the Fire & Rescue Department Malaysia (JBPM). Based on JBPM’s current abilities, the modus operandi of JBPM’s SAR teams is based only on paper maps and compasses for navigation,

Our objective is to help firefighters by making a group of autonomous bots, which will reduce their dangerous work by autonomously assessing the forest area in the event of a forest fire and providing the information to a centralized database. Also,

Providing food is the most divine job one can do, but it comes with challenges. Nowadays, agriculture is becoming an inconsistent field; farmers have to struggle to regain their investment, forgoing their profits. A farmer in day-to-day life faces many challenges; while some are above human power,

Recently, the network transportation system has been susceptible to natural disturbances. These issues has been discussed widely and there have been numerous proposals and studies for assessment, forecasting and implementation of mitigation flash flood for urban network transportation. However,

1) Figure shows rotary motion of a special merry-go-round with propeller on frame F1 where the centrifugal force due to machine motion tends to be balanced by active centripetal force depending on length of horizontal part of the mounting frame and plurarity of double cone wheels on

We propose to create a smart sensor hub for controlling a living room, equipped with a set of various sensors: lighting (all wavelengths in the form of a mini spectrometer), temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, dust microparticles level, carbon dioxide level, radiation level, infrared receiver and transmitter, digital microphone,

Sort the parking, precisely, on public streets without signage. Giving place both front and back to vehicles, already parked.

Autonomously, without need of the driver or the vehicle on, for this purpose. Put on notice the driver, who comes in motion, with a visual signal (LED light),

"Kind Nanny" - this project was created for smart cities and public places to help easily find lost children! Babysitting not only helps find children, she advertises and pets that are lost or left to the mercy of fate!

We have developed a working method to immediately detect and locate nearby, unknown personal trackers using only a combination of simply RF demodulation and a custom algorithm.

Personal trackers such as Apple’s AirTag®, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag®, Tile Tracker® and others are being used to stalk people,

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