Our drones are designed to deliver small things over a short distance and help to improve sales growth at different supermarket and stores. They do it with an online store.

Increasing pest and disease pressures urge specialty crop farmers to spray orchards more frequently than ever before to grow marketable products. In the order from primitive to sophisticated,

New line of washers for Laundromats and On Premises laundry.

I have designed a new line of washers that has more features than any other laundry machines in the market.

This line of washers is raising the standard of washing machines design for sustainability.

In recent days image processing people apply image processing to many problems for effective reasons. So, this paper describes the work on defect identification of products which are manufactured in industries using image processing as backbone. In the existing methods,

The Universal Solder Stencil (U.S.S.) is a novel enhancement over the current and custom-made solder paste stencil used in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) electronics manufacturing industry.

Currently, about three billion people still cook with traditional methods such as a three stone fire. This method of cooking causes all sorts of issues ranging from deforestation to exposure to toxic smoke. Clean cookstoves are a solution, however, they are largely inaccessible to people who need them most.

The EXtreme Transmission Ratio Efficient MEchanism (EX.T.R.E.ME.) is a simple planetary mechanism with a pair of standard module gears and a pair of gears with involute profile but non-standard module.

In this way, having only ONE moving part between its input and its output (only THREE moving parts,

The main goal of the project is to produce useful and natural products for humans. To further strengthen the health of our people. Creating a convenient drug for efficient consumption,

DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant is preferred 1.5 W/mK Thermal Conductive Encapsulant for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Inverters, High-power units, etc. 1.5W/mK encapsulant is suitable for use in advanced applications including inverters, power modules, power supply, and electric vehicles (EV). TC-6015 offers breakthrough combination of low viscosity,

The technological world of today, progressing toward artificial intelligence and automated processes, calls for smarter ships running with minimum crew or none (autonomous ships), and this trend has even attracted the International Maritime Organization (IMO) into the field, in order to develop and approve the required regulations and standards.

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