Stomach cancer cure.

Remove the stomach and gallbladder and connect up the bottom of the oesophagus to the small intestine. The burp mechanism would have to be retained. The patient would then always need to eat food that has been specially prepared.


There is no precise digital record of prior surgery. Consequently, patient safety suffers when follow-up surgery is required days, months and years later. Legacy out-of-date “analog” operative dictations are often imprecise, vague, incorrect, and obsolete. As a result,

Lost biopsy specimens are a common problem and frequent cause of patient harm and medical malpractice. Lost biopsy specimens delay diagnosis and in cases of cancer, can deprive patients of years of life.

PyrAmes is a digital health company focused on fundamentally transforming health care delivery through continuous blood pressure monitoring that is accurate, wireless, and non-invasive. Our devices’ comfort and ease-of-use will enable better BP management for patients from newborns to seniors.

• new eye-glasses spray neutrilizer, eye issues solved instantly
• multi-eye issues solver
• enhance eye sight/ vision or eyes discomforts/ pain/ irritation, continuous healing eye blinking
• healing eye inflammation/ wounds/ eye bleeding
• eye therapy/ Vision therapy: improve visual skills and abilities;

This product, EnSafe Cup, is based on the simple concept that since women have menstruation for approximately 65 days in a year and during those days women have to use some product to catch and collect the period fluid.

The J&R Project, Infectious Agent Disinfection with Nanoplasma, is based on 30 years of basic and applied research in electromagnetic bioeffects and pathogenic microbial decontamination. The latter is especially focused on non-destructive decontamination of sensitive equipment in aerospace platforms.

If you are a patient in physical rehabilitation, the physiotherapist primarily looks at two parameters to assess progress in your physical state; 1) Joint range/angle assessed with either a manual goniometer or eyesight,

The home-use diagnostic pad enables women to specifically and personally follow their own feminine discharges for changes and progressions in physiologic conditions. The pad constitutes an AI-empowered early detection platform for at-home monitoring of cancerous biomarkers detection in feminine discharges.

Endoscopes have evolved into highly specialized devices that cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and to maintain, yet the complexities of these advanced imaging and surgical access devices obviate sterilization between uses;

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