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The Present Invention Breaks New Ground in Physics, as it is an Apparatus that Will Demonstrate that Positrons can be generated quite easily in Real Time,

The typical sources for renewable energy utilize wind, hydro, or solar. In regards to solar, the predominant devices used are solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. However, despite their apparent environmental benefits, solar panels are fabricated using toxic chemicals, metals, and processes that exist throughout the production,

On the ocean coast, in hot countries, there may not be enough drinking water.

Creating an additional source of drinking water without using electric energy. The use of the energy of ocean tides and castings.

Creating a tidal metal greenhouse near the ocean.

Air strippers are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), gasoline range organics (GRO) and chlorinated organic compounds from water. The process involves high air to water contact by forcing air through contaminated process water,

Following from an issue of Nature on the harnessing of rain drop energy sometime ago at “Tech Briefs Media 2020”; subsequently, I thought to propose these two related energy ideas that may be useful if you considered them, viz:

1. Pressure from or to seats in vehicles, etc.

The mystery has been in the mist. Cryptocurrency has left many in its wake as the future of digital currency makes present its very presence and the only crystal solution in the midst of the plethora of financial instruments this towers as the one.

Grand in its inception,


An economical, simple, and elegant solar-panel protection and cleaning solution involving a smart, UV resistant, waterproof, retractable cover with micro-fiber pads beneath removes dust along the slope of the panel.

SUMMARIZE: I developed a device with the Arduino MKR WAN 1300, which helps me to monitor the quality of water and air in the ecological reserve of my community.


I live on the shores of a big city, and there're still ecological reserves with natural lakes.

The prices of natural gas and electricity are still rising, so it is advisable to find new sources of energy for heating houses and apartments. Trimmed tree branches, cut weeds and paper no longer suitable for recycling are landfilled or burned uselessly in the fields.

Vegetable oils are abundant and not very expensive renewable raw materials. Soybean oil is one of the most attractive. More than 20 billion pounds of soybean oils are produced annually in the United States. Less than 600 million pounds of them are used for industrial application.

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