Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy

Energy is mostly derived from fossil fuels and renewable resources are neglected. Combustion of material is a very common system of releasing energy.

The reciprocal (piston) engine has taken over the world of transportation and mobile machines but this design has been developed for the combustion of liquid fuels.

A designed product that uses readily available waste (plastic and biomass) and converts them to useful biofuels thus reducing environmental pollution, global warming and climate disorder.


Chemical Bonding system using adhesives to butt join two pipe ends providing an effective permanent long lasting leak-tight and strong joint. Correct designed Chemical joints are as strong as the pipe itself.

E-Code is an original smart irrigation system that uses an amalgamation of technology in order to save water. In short, E-Code works to optimize water usage while minimizing consumer costs!

My proposal is that we install turbines on city water lines to generate electricity since there is a constant flow of water. The turbines cam be placed at various locations throughout the city to provide electricity to power stations for electric cars.

The air mining and purification device consists in a tower (like an electric tower) that has a turbo fan that is moved by the wind.

Planet Saturn has 82 moons. Titan in the Saturnian cluster of moons is perhaps the most intriguing of all. It has an Earth-like golden hazy atmosphere and a very low gravity [1.35 m/s*s].

The Central Problem: People and production companies in the agricultural and livestock sector lack the generation of an important input such as organic fertilizer (ecological agriculture) with food supplements to improve their production.

The Causes: 1. Violation and non-compliance with legal frameworks, including municipal and regional ordinances;

I have invented a Thermoelectric Generator with electrical power of 5,000 watts AC. The generator is the size of a bread box and weight is 15lbs. It is made of bismuth-tellurium P&N semiconductors arranged in a circular or square Thermopile. I researched,

The Wave’s inertial electric generator (WIEG) is a small linear electric generator in which a part is moving almost continuously based on a special sealed construction of some cylinder (with a Donut Fixed Neodymium Magnet) in cylinder (with double walls inside the copper coils to collect the generated current)

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