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Plastic waste pollution is an increasingly prevalent environmental issue around the world. Many companies produce plastic waste through their manufacturing processes, and resource-limited environments - isolated island populations, natural disaster locations, remote operations, and more - continuously bring in plastic products that end up as waste.

While experimenting with three phase, a single phase was created, proving to me that single phase is the answer. Then, from deep understanding, ten phase back to single showed great increase in potential.

I am a member of the creative team of the Danube Institute which has developed and patented a ship installation for disinfection and purification of ballast water in accordance with modern International requirements - D-2. Ballast water treatment on ships entered a new phase of control from 2020,

Solute ion linear alignment (SILA) can be applied to treat wastewater while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and desalinating sea water.

If we are to stop burning fossil fuels by the middle of the century, the gas industry will need some other form of activity. It should be possible to collect some of the methane that is being given off by areas of permafrost that are now melting.

This innovation provides a new untapped source of energy, namely clean energy provided by the civil infrastructure, such as the steel in buildings. It is based on new science developed by Chung,

The high cost of carbon nanotube (CNT) materials stifles broader access to energy applications. Also, CNTs are mainly produced in Asia, whilst the majority of customers are in Europe or the USA, implying large shipping costs and potential for supply chain disruption. In addition,

Formed by a set of two elements coupled to each other, to generate autonomous energy, finding between each other the equation; of the set of running without any type of component, even if it was wind or what already exists,

A modular solar tower thermal air heating system that heats incoming air twice and also heats a thermal mass that provides heat during night hours . The Solar Tower system is for greenhouses, farm buildings, industrial, commercial buildings , schools, residential and summer cottages.

Aabey LLC’s mission is to address global food scarcity by fusing 2 innovative industries, technology and agriculture.

It is a minority-owned startup trying to bridge the gap between Technology and Hydroponics, by integrating IIoT design methodologies that transform age-old farming processes into environmentally friendly smart-hydroponic greenhouses.

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