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The Infrared (IR) Sourced Heat Pump configures state of the art directional infrared technology incorporated into the heat pump cycle to directly add trim heat to the system refrigerant in-cycle. Proprietary IR configurations and control & defrost strategies deliver necessary energy transfer at upwards of 99.7%.

Today there are only two solutions to energy storage for discharge times between two hours and twelve hours – lead-acid and lithium-based batteries. Lead-acid batteries have been used for over 150 years. Though dependable,

Wildfires cause billions of dollars in property damage and loss of life in the United Stares, Europe and worldwide. Many people all over the world are building their homes in woodland settings and rural areas to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Unfortunately, these areas are also wildfire-prone. Often,

HyPoint's NASA award-winning fuel cell technology, developed by an international team of scientists and engineers, delivers an unprecedented combination of specific power and energy density.

Located in the tropical waters of the Atlantic would be a vast field of floating solar collectors, providing power for electrodes submerged in the seawater. At the cathodes, hydrogen is collected and piped to compressors and liquified for shipping. The compressors are also powered by the solar collectors.

Solar power is the fastest growing sector of the global clean energy market, presenting one of the most promising solutions to counter the negative effects of climate change. Photovoltaic (PV) power plants are the most widely utilized type of solar energy generation.

Nowadays, more people are choosing biking either as an alternative mode to transportation or as an outdoor activity for recreational purpose. The cycling trend was particularly boosted during COVID-19 pandemic as evidenced by the soaring sales in bikes and accessories. Unfortunately,

The use of PPE has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated 6.8 billion (approximately 206,470 tonnes) disposable face masks, as an example, being used each day globally. The demand is expected to increase at a compounded annual rate of 10.6%-11.2% until 2027 at least.

Pollution is a powerful thing. It's hard to manage and is very bad for our Earth. My solution to this problem is a very sturdy machine I call a garbage disposal. It's built from 9 different motors just to turn into 3 different motors.

The main drawback of electric cars is the long time it takes to recharge their battery pack.

At night they must be recharged at home and during the day at the few recharging points available throughout the city.

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