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The POWERBLoK system can replace the Lead, Cobalt, Cadmium, and Lithium used in common batteries with no thermal runaway risks.

Additionally per the 01/26/21 Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) assessment of the UCAP Power POWERBLoK,

This invention is a new kind of electrical generator and electrical motor that redefines our basic understanding of power generation and utilization of the generated power by providing an efficient power output far more than current generators and motors design.

A zero counter Magneto-Motive-Force (MMF) Drag Advance Alternator Technology is a new discovery and solution in the electricity power generating system. The new machine is designed to solve the lingering problems facing all conventional alternators in the market, especially low energy efficiency and electrical load capacity limit,

Suppose we suddenly break ground in solving the most complicated problems in science - health care and so on. Suppose, for example,

Generating additional force by morphing of rigid sails will provide a significant advantage in reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Shipping is a major contributor of emissions (pollutants) such as greenhouse gases and VForce® technology reduces this and helps save the earth’s finite resources.

Currently, it is not possible to live without electricity. Our lifestyles influence this resource consumption. Indeed, each one of us with his attitude and mores imposes a certain profile to electrical consumption. This project aims to develop a solution that allows smart remote measurements of electricity consumption.

Plastic waste pollution is an increasingly prevalent environmental issue around the world. Many companies produce plastic waste through their manufacturing processes, and resource-limited environments - isolated island populations, natural disaster locations, remote operations, and more - continuously bring in plastic products that end up as waste.

While experimenting with three phase, a single phase was created, proving to me that single phase is the answer. Then, from deep understanding, ten phase back to single showed great increase in potential.

I am a member of the creative team of the Danube Institute which has developed and patented a ship installation for disinfection and purification of ballast water in accordance with modern International requirements - D-2. Ballast water treatment on ships entered a new phase of control from 2020,

Solute ion linear alignment (SILA) can be applied to treat wastewater while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and desalinating sea water.

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