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This innovation provides a new untapped source of energy, namely clean energy provided by the civil infrastructure, such as the steel in buildings. It is based on new science developed by Chung,

The high cost of carbon nanotube (CNT) materials stifles broader access to energy applications. Also, CNTs are mainly produced in Asia, whilst the majority of customers are in Europe or the USA, implying large shipping costs and potential for supply chain disruption. In addition,

Formed by a set of two elements coupled to each other, to generate autonomous energy, finding between each other the equation; of the set of running without any type of component, even if it was wind or what already exists,

A modular solar tower thermal air heating system that heats incoming air twice and also heats a thermal mass that provides heat during night hours . The Solar Tower system is for greenhouses, farm buildings, industrial, commercial buildings , schools, residential and summer cottages.

Aabey LLC’s mission is to address global food scarcity by fusing 2 innovative industries, technology and agriculture.

It is a minority-owned startup trying to bridge the gap between Technology and Hydroponics, by integrating IIoT design methodologies that transform age-old farming processes into environmentally friendly smart-hydroponic greenhouses.

Using my patented Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, one plants and then multi-tasks fast and large-growing Bio-Crops, to cost-effectively do good things, powered by sunlight, like capturing large amounts of CO2, remediating air, soil and water,

I am working on an Energy Harvesting Uninterruptable Power Supply (eHUPS) to increase capabilities for advanced test facilities. This innovation incorporates renewable energy technologies to dramatically enhance UPS system applications over a wide range of market sectors.

Increased capabilities:
UPS systems are widely used for critical equipment resilience.

The Demster-Pumpster looks like a large Dempster Dumpster setting beside a building but it is a dispenser of high quality lubricating oil that is recovered from used oil in situ. Also, it provides on-peak power to the grid while disposing of hydrocarbons in a sustainable manner.

The primary goal of this concept is to provide an efficient means to capture energy that is produced offshore during off peak times for later use. It would employ a wind or solar powered compressor to condense a refrigerant at high pressures,

All Alchemist784™ technologies systems employed within EARTHGRID™ are closed-loop 'cradle2cradle' configurations by intentional design to create sustainability and increase and maximize opportunities for re-harvest/re-use of the waste energies within the processes. Functionality involves use of several complex sciences orchestrated through our proprietary algorithms.

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