IoT based [AUTO] [LOCK-ABLE / SECURITIZED Wireless Touch-Sensitive Glass Keyboard :

• Simply press the SENSITIVE &

There is a problem with outdoor air pollution. It is among the world’s most significant health and environmental issues. Smog is a leading risk factor for premature death, responsible for 3.4 million deaths each year. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from cars and trucks are the primary source of smog.

3200 nautical mile range fuel cell electric aircraft with several new proprietary and patented technologies including the Eternium megawatt superconductive motor and variable propulsion system, removable battery module array, composite liquid hydrogen fuel storage, and Eternium's proprietary thermal management system.

It is often desirable to deliver extremely high power laser output by fiber optics rather than free space, e.g., for surgical, welding, spectroscopy, yet coupling very high optical intensity into even ‘larger silica core’ fiber is replete with challenges.

We designed high power DC modules intended to help electric vehicles (EV) charger manufacturers to expand their product line to fast chargers reaching hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts.

Prometheus Fire Guardian is an advanced wildfire crisis response software platform that generates a dynamic digital fingerprint across the global terrain and makes it easy for governmental agencies, first responders, the private sector, enterprises, and insurance to generate successful risk management, take economic/environmental and business decisions,

This is an an automated platform to streamline the collection of marine debris. The online system connects a global network of already owned Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to individuals concerned for the environment. It will include small ROVs that go to100m, or others like our own models,

Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) is a genetically determined, Inherited Disease, affecting 2 % of population (PMID: 36334952; 36294323; 35748961; 35867195) Both leaking (insufficient) and flow obstruction (stenosis) valves can result from this abnormal aortic valve shape (types 1 and 2 exist) The inherent soft tissues constitution,

Increased food and labor prices have caused profitability to become near impossible for restaurants and food producers. Consumer demand for convenience and variety has skyrocketed. Consumers currently spend seventeen days a year (8 hours a week) on meal preparation and cleanup or 325% more to eat out.

At present, cotton processing factories are mainly equipped with DP-130, ZKHDD, KDD, 4DP-130, DP-130 saw gins that separate the fiber from the seed using saw blades. They are very noisy and vibrate strongly, as a result,

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