Geopolymer term was given by Dr Joseph Davidovits from France in 1978 and created Geopolymer Institute. Geopolymers are a class of totally inorganic, alumino-silicate based ceramics that are charge balanced by group I oxides.

The device is a dual mode engine for aircraft. Today's engines are either for flight within the atmosphere (turbo jet) or space (rockets) but not both. In the attached picture you will see a simple non-detailed cross section of a turbo jet engine.

The Catch All Harvest Concept is a netting based harvest system.

The netting is placed under the harvested agricultural product and a container is placed under the net to gather fallen, ripe produce from the crop.

It is modular.

Balak Drishti (Child Vision)

Problem: There are 950M people around the world with myopia who cannot afford a simple pair of glasses. Out of these 239M are children whose families cannot afford to buy simple pair of glasses for their children. Today,

A sensor capturing the minimum distance allowed. Sending a signal to a stop LED. Connected by means of electrical circuit to a module. To be installed in new vehicles (0Km), private and private, used vehicles, vans, utilities, school transport, trucks and any other means of locomotion.

The frequency of droughts has increased by nearly a third globally since 2000. A UN report states that 75% of the world could face drought by 2050, and 5.7 billion people could live in areas with water shortages for a month or more every year.

A fundamentally new type of power mechanical gyroscope Gyro_6DoF with the maximum number of degrees of freedom in a holonomic mechanical system is proposed, the operation of which was developed and tested using AI.


The proposed design of the Optical Detector Sensors System was implemented with the purpose of its functioning as an Essential Device, in a Solar Locating and Tracking Control System, which was designed to function independently of Clock Time.

How does a wheelchair user hang picture frames in their house without any assistance up in their wall? Sure it is not day to day task but still it must feel limited to hang at once or change the frame at will.

Inspired with flag pole rope system,

Providing vivid graphics to gripping surfaces.

Slip resistance is required in many applications. Slip resistant materials are usually a textured surface, and made from a hard, abrasive material such as sandpaper, or a softer elastomeric material. In order to be slip resistant,

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