It’s Protect Front bumper of damage due to pavement by mobile via Bluetooth alarm system control as a (Sticker will be stick it in the Front Bumper) with connected mobile via Bluetooth.

The H2 Starfire is the perfect blend of performance, power, and clean energy. It has been in development, prototype, and simulation for three years with either patents pending or granted patents. There has been a huge movement towards Electric Vehicle (EV) in which (the problem) it cannot sustained itself.

I personally have to use a wheelchair to get around. While that is fine in and around the apartment I live in but can become very arduous when traveling 8 or 10 blocks or more. Note that I am 69 years old.

Water crashes are the drone pilot’s worst nightmare. Drones have a considerable amount of electrical components that need to be cool to operate correctly, hence air cooling vents are located on the surfaces of the drone. If a drone crashes in water,

I have a portable, permanent, dome house construction project. That can withstand 150-mile winds and microbursts.

I just went through the mega storm of Canada Quebec winter weather. I though the house was going to buckle under the wind. Huge trees uprooted and major power outages for days.

My primary goal is to produce a single presentation model that examplifies this transport system by searching partners who have the first comment: It is a fiction. Yes, exactly it is but a question arises: which technology is attainable to create this concept truck? Hard fact,

Hello, I thought of proposing such a dream camera idea. The helmet camera with glasses can be made of silicone or sponge on the inside. It has a skeleton that is made up of scanners that form a system connected to each other and scan the neurons during sleep.

A feasibility study needs to be started now. The technology exists to build a worldwide electrical grid now. The power would be transmitted with direct current to minimize losses from converting DC to AC.

Direct current is now transmitted many miles on land and in the sea.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone. Introducing the Bird Bot, a new UAV designed to soar like a real-life pigeon using bird-like feathered wings.

We are developing a new generation of solid fuel combined heat and power microturbine system. Fuels include woodchips, waste plastics, waste biomass, fuel pellets, agricultural waste, and any combustible solid, as well as conventional fuels such as propane, natural gas, heating oil, waste oil, vegetable oil, etc.

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