What is the invention?

Demonstrating the fastest optical switching signal in the attosecond time scale (1 attosecond = one quintillionth of a second) and encoding date with petahertz rate on ultrafast laser pulses.

How does the invention work?

Every year in the US, according to NHTSA, there are on average ~750 cyclist deaths and ~48000 injuries due to crashes with motor vehicles. Total economic impact is estimated to be >$10 billion annually aside from emotional and psychological suffering of affected families. Distracted/compromised motor vehicle drivers &

The Liconic Power Unit (LPU) is an innovative energy solution that aims to replace traditional battery systems in various sectors, including drones, electric vehicles, and industries. The LPU uses ethanol, a renewable and eco-friendly biofuel, as its energy source, providing several advantages over traditional batteries.

Maximum slope for hand-propelled wheelchair ramps should be 1" of rise to every 12" of length which is 4.8 degree angle. But wheelchair users only sense the slope of the ground they are travelling on while they are on it which is too late to take precaution measures.

There are several million patients the world over suffering from End Stage Renal Failure (ESRD) with comparatively very few donor kidneys available for transplantation. Of those transplanted at least 10% a year fail; plus all the complications from lifelong immunosuppressive medications. Dialysis,

O.R.P (presence button), connected to the phone

Technical Abstract

The Solaris system is a novel, sustainable technology designed to address the global challenge of providing clean drinking water to underserved populations while reducing dependence on non-renewable energy resources. The system harnesses solar energy to generate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a powerful oxidizing agent,

For construction projects to be successful, building floors must be measured effectively and precisely. Traditional floor measurement techniques frequently take a long time, require a lot of labor, and are prone to mistakes, which increases expenses, delays, and rework. To solve these problems,

Using (Cold War ending Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative technologies) research of: 1)superconductivity at room temperature, 2)Cold Welding, 3)nanograin metals, 4)high speed electroplating, 5)magnetic conducting insulation, 6)magnetic levitation bearing, and 7) direct drive; I propose to create with a national laboratory design group’s assistance layout, simulate, &

The “discovery by chance” of the Victor diamond mine location by a geology student during a fishing trip in the 1980s and subsequent research showing the “emptiness ” of the James Bay Wetlands suggests this entry promoting Air Cushion Technology to explore at ground level the potential of these

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