An end-of-20th-century advancement enabled brain shape deformations to be quantified. After standard Procrustes representation exhibited recognizable landmark spread for a set of subjects, further mathematical analysis produced another 19% variance reduction in spreading of deformations among patients. That development, while extensive and sophisticated,

The Amphibious Drone with operational capabilities of surveillance and data acquisition both in underwater and air. The Objectives are to create a prototype that is capable of operating in air and under water, to demonstrate the capabilities of developed prototype for underwater surveillance,

This project uses the AS7263 NIR (near infrared) spectrometer sensor and the Raspberry Pi 4B board to assess plant foliage health. It explains how to uses the sensor’s channel readings and the standard Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) equation to calculate an estimated NDVI value.

Veles is a smart converter designed to increase the water heating efficiency of photovoltaic panels that the user will be able to control through the application. By analyzing the user's use of water and heating,

I can 3D-print my passive devices SFGs so they can withstand 220C and I can place them in between the large fans and the heat sink. The additional multi-scale cooling will help the fans overall efficiency and will produce lower decibels of sound.

SMARTRIX® Traffic Light System in coordination with the In-Vehicle traffic light sensor- announce on the vehicle speaker and display on the monitor the color of the traffic light ahead for the color-blind drivers to hear– this enables and empowers the seriously color-blinds to “safely drive:”.

The Lyceum is an innovative online collaborative software tool designed to transform the landscape of audio product development. With its cutting-edge features and advanced data management capabilities, Lyceum empowers engineers, students, and entrepreneurs to achieve new heights of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. By centralizing data, automating processes,

ParCli (PARrot CLImbing robot) is the world's first parrot-inspired climbing robot developed by Clyde Webster at the University of Technology Sydney. ParCli is unique in that, like a parrot, is uses three-limbs for locomotion, with the center-limb being larger, stronger, and having more dexterity,

The CANADA HOOD is a compact, portable, hermetically sealed, non-invasive respiratory treatment medical device with an integrated internal Face Mask having separate gas flow and pressure adjustability from the main environmentally sealed Hood, separately protecting both the wearer, and anyone in the vicinity,

I have attached a random greenhouse as an illustration for my idea of vertical Algae farming. By using vertical tubes in a greenhouse, you can grow algae to extract oil from, which is already replacing Palm Oil.

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