My primary goal is to produce a single presentation model that examplifies this transport system by searching partners who have the first comment: It is a fiction. Yes, exactly it is but a question arises: which technology is attainable to create this concept truck? Hard fact,

Today’s scenario
At present, passengers alighting at Airports/train stations or taking a ride after any event (music sports events), try to book cabs on arrival or after the close of the event
Characteristics of these scenarios

Travel/Event tickets are pre booked,

Intended to become industry "first" combination of 1) NOVAlert SMARTag(TM) bio-monitoring seat-belt tag and 2) The multi-purpose modular Autonomous Air and Road Mobility (AARM) eVTOL (Electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft).

The current NASA prediction is for a ten foot rise in sea levels by the middle of the century.

Many are now saying that we should stop burning all fossil fuels by then. There is plenty of timber around, a non fossil fuel,

TokaTrac CVT was developed using well established design principles to produce a CVT that can be designed according to specific torque, durability and duty cycle requirements. Our patent pending* CVT technology enables features such as:

* Full CVT capability under all load conditions i.e. max.

Transformer efficiency is the ratio of the output power to the input power. Output power is always lower than the input power due to energy losses. Besides measures put in place to reduce energy losses; including use of laminations, soft iron core and copper wires.

Automatic braking is a godsend for modern vehicles, but what happens when cameras and sensors become obscured?

A study published by NIOSH reported that the chaos, mud, and dirt of construction sites can overwhelm cameras and sensors.

Accidents at construction sites,

On a 4-wheel drive vehicle, the force transmitted by each wheel depends on the soil characteristics and the wheel load. This last depends on the slope (Figure 1) and on the external forces (Figure 2) coming from a winch, a bucket for a work loader,

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