I have a portable, permanent, dome house construction project. That can withstand 150-mile winds and microbursts.

I just went through the mega storm of Canada Quebec winter weather. I though the house was going to buckle under the wind. Huge trees uprooted and major power outages for days.

gBot, the general purpose mobile autonomous vehicle for multiple indoor & outdoor applications. Our first tow package is seeking out and collecting golf balls for driving ranges. Saving a person's time from this activity allows other important tasks.

Use of plant species in the decontamination of polluted soil which can be for environmental sustainability of pollution control both in the soil pollution and water pollution cum water conservation management.

RoFo EIGHTEEN-WHEELER BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. A42B1/004 - Decorative arrangements or effects: Hats, caps and hoods with special decorative arrangements or visual effects. I, Randall Flann, aka RoFo, was awarded a United States Patent: October 19, 1999, U.S. Patent number: 5966743A,

Artillery is the God of War. For effective Artillery Firepower an artillery fire plan is a necessary ingredient. Presently the fire plan is developed top down and then passed on to the fire units. The highly confidential fire plan is stored in one central server.

Prometheus Fire Guardian is an advanced wildfire crisis response software platform that generates a dynamic digital fingerprint across the global terrain and makes it easy for governmental agencies, first responders, the private sector, enterprises, and insurance to generate successful risk management, take economic/environmental and business decisions,

The frequency of droughts has increased by nearly a third globally since 2000. A UN report states that 75% of the world could face drought by 2050, and 5.7 billion people could live in areas with water shortages for a month or more every year.

We are augmenting an existing opposing super magnet array for advanced shock mitigation footwear called DAMPS Technology D Drives to provide an alternate renewable energy source powered by every step you take.

The accumulation of particles, dirt, and grime on the surface of the solar panel degrades the performance of the solar panel in the same way as it does on a cloudy day. This means that solar panels are not being used properly. However, over time,

SMARTRIX® Traffic Light System in coordination with the In-Vehicle traffic light sensor- announce on the vehicle speaker and display on the monitor the color of the traffic light ahead for the color-blind drivers to hear– this enables and empowers the seriously color-blinds to “safely drive:”.

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