TriboDyn® TRI-EX2 Motor Oils are a patented ceramic lubricant that is attracted to areas of heat & friction. As pressures increase with RPM or load, the special TRI-EX2 lubricants, combined with the active “Ceramic Coating Technology” in the oil,

My concept deals with the crushing and grinding of food or bio waste using an anticipated machine at its place. The manually operated or mechanized machine will have two stages. The first stage will involve crushing/grinding biowaste into small particles for two minutes. In the second stage,

What is μLauncher

μLauncher is a small reusable suborbital vehicle. It will lift a 3U CubeSat payload at 150 km altitude and return it safely to the launch pad. It will operate at modest direct and associated per-flight costs. To achieve such an ambitious goal,

For safety critical airborne systems, the minimum reliability requirements are of the order of one allowable failure in one million flight hours. This implies that almost two thirds of cost and time for design and development is devoted to complying with certification requirements of the aviation regulatory authorities.

This invention relates to a modified firefighter truck, in which a telescoping ladder has been repurposed with multiple spinning wheels to launch a shell consisting of a fire retardant powder with an explosive core. Set to detonate right on top of the fire,

The over-application of chemical-based toxic pesticides and insecticides has caused great health concerns for consumers. Some sources claim around 385 million cases of UAPP (Unintentional Acute Pesticide Poisoning) occur annually worldwide including around 11,000 fatalities, which is based on a worldwide farming population of approximately 860 million.

Sweeping is often a hassle especially when dustpans don’t scoop up all the debris leaving unpolished floors. Traditional vacuums are bulky and can scratch floors. And the new autonomous vacuums, such as Roomba, are great but time consuming, do not climb up stairs,

In today’s generation, having a camera for observation is not important to observe and recognize it but use it for more realistic view to observe is important now.

In the realm of battery technology, thermal management plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficient operation of energy storage systems. To address the pressing need for improved thermal management solutions, a novel material has been prepared - an anisotropic thermal material with unique properties.

DOWSIL™ TC-6032 Thermally conductive encapsulant affects manufacturing key parts of FCEV and BEV and acceleration of new clean energy era by providing excellent process-ability and productivity improvement with higher thermal conductivity around 3.0 W/m·K and lower viscosity around 6,500 mPa·s,

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