Today, technology is available to transform transportation. Our all-electric National Transit Service™ (NTS) is an automated nationwide ‘door-to-door’ service to be implemented in stages across the U.S., beginning with the gridlocked urban areas in which 80% of our population live.

Numerous studies indicate that the potential of autonomous vehicles (AVs) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and increase mobility access can only be fully realized through fleets of electric vehicles being used for shared rides. This has the potential for transforming the public transport industry,

As industry and defense gradually shift to a modular space architecture, a reliable, autonomous process to assemble and integrate individual satellite modules in space needs to be developed. Due to the high cost of launching medium to large satellites, interest has developed for servicing and refueling satellites on-orbit.

The human sense of sight is crucial for perceiving and appreciating the beauty of the world around us. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are visually impaired, and they face significant challenges in their daily lives. These individuals, commonly referred to as VIPs (Visually Impaired People),

Keeping structures lightweight without adversely affecting their functionality is a major engineering challenge. Inflatables—structures that gain their load-carrying capabilities from pressurized air within a tensioned hyperelastic skin—offer a unique solution to this problem. However, although lightweight,

This summary presents an innovative fastener designed to provide secure and permanent attachments in large solar farms, in order to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Our integrated solution comprises of Biomass gasifier and TMSG-DC on a single skid which will be a portable gas based generator works on biodegradable waste. It is a renewable based cleantech product suitable for household applications.

The future of automotive safety depends on sensor reliability, and sensor reliability depends on Actasys.

Truly safe ADAS and autonomous driving applications require real-time, high-quality data. The sensors that provide this data are approaching levels of power and precision that border on superpowers. Yet,

Considering increasing transportation of ferry boats, passenger boats, fisherman boats, etc. through waterways such as rivers, lakes, channels and canals there are possibilities of accidents due do collisions, particularly in bad weather and poor visibility.

Integrated Molecular Innovations (imi), a biosensing spin-off company, is pioneering a novel approach to thyroid hormone monitoring. Our innovative technology, currently under development, is designed to transform the healthcare industry by shifting the paradigm from reactive diagnostics to proactive monitoring.

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