Generally, we see a tendency to replace electromechanical fuses and relays in the automotive board net. Especially Electronic Control Units (ECU) for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions are driving this trend. For safety reasons,

ENERGEN™ is Sun's newest electrifying solution! ENERGEN™ generates power for attachments by utilizing an integrated generator that converts power losses into useful energy. With ENERGEN™, power generation for sensors, solenoid valves,

Water is a very scarce resource that needs to be used sparingly by everyone. Many people around the world go for days without this very basic need. Many liters of water are lost through water taps that are either left unclosed or not closed properly every day,

Studying retinal diseases is challenging due to the complex nature of the eye. Retinal organoids resemble the eye in structure and function and are an excellent way of recapitulating complex biology in-vitro. Organoids have strongly impacted basic research, drug discovery, disease modeling, and personalized medicine.

It is estimated that 7%-10% of water supplied is lost due to water bucket overflow during water collation and water transportation due to common momentary negligence when the water reaches at the top level and motion of the water bucket at hand transportation.

Hands free human-powered propulsion in weightlessness inside a pressurized spacecraft is possible, wearing a pair of soft slippers shaped like a diver's swim fins.

Since the cramped cockpits of early space missions, crew cabins have grown in volume.

Continuous tracking of physiological signals underneath deep tissue represents clinical significance and challenges to health monitoring. Signals generated by internal organs and deep tissues can better correlate to disease diagnosis and predict severe symptoms.

Tactile interaction can be considered the next frontier for human-computer interaction. A generic approach to converting digital information into tactile information is to manufacture matrices of driven pins that function as “tactile pixels”. Unfortunately, the manufacturing costs behind such matrices are typically very high.

Generating additional force by morphing of rigid sails will provide a significant advantage in reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Shipping is a major contributor of emissions (pollutants) such as greenhouse gases and VForce® technology reduces this and helps save the earth’s finite resources.

When we work with others in teams, we implicitly infer each other's intentions, beliefs, and desires and use this information to coordinate our actions. We believe that the same should hold for collaborative robots if they are to perform efficiently as part of human-robot teams.

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