Mankind is almost out of fossil fuels as witnessed by companies trying to squeeze oil out of sand, “Fracking” destroying the Earths crust. Wind and solar will not be able to keep pace with our need for energy and fusion power will not be available until the next century,

The Variable Flow Baffle System represents an innovative approach to optimizing rocket propulsion systems by dynamically controlling the flow patterns and distribution of propellants within the combustion chamber. This system incorporates movable baffles that can be adjusted during operation to improve propellant utilization, enhance combustion stability,

The electric demand reducer is made to operate with two air conditioners/heat pumps. The device will monitor the 2 units request's to run from the thermostats. Electric demand is the amount of power used instantaneously. Electric generation has be sized to handle the demand.

The objective of our entry is to fund a project where the Sunglass Fix Pty Ltd’s can recycle its by-products (waste) into an innovative and profitable product.

Geometric Algebra formalism opens the door to developing a theory deeper than conventional quantum mechanics. Generalizations, stemming from implementation of complex numbers as geometrically feasible objects in three dimensions, unambiguous definition of states, observables, measurements, Maxwell equations solution in those terms,

This is a proposal for a future mandatory interface to support the testing of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs), to be installed in all production vehicles, hence "On-Board Validation" or OBV. This would allow independent validation of CAVs by third parties,

The project "Revolutionary De-icing Technologies for Enhanced Aerodynamic Performance in Aerospace and Renewable Energy Structures" presents an innovative approach to addressing the challenges associated with ice accumulation on aerodynamic surfaces. This project is submitted for the prestigious Create the Future Design Contest,

Idea 1
Problem Statement Title: Solar panel with solar tracking device without power consumption.
Institute Name: Saffrony Institute of the Technology
Institute Code: 039
Theme Name: Smart Automation

Idea / Solution / Prototype:
We are creating single axis solar tracking,

Adapted scooters used by differently abled people are usually retrofitted scooters with two support wheels on the rear. This increases the rear track width and there-by the turning radius of the vehicle.

Our Research paper link: - https://www.ijfmr.com/papers/2023/3/3834.pdf

UNDP Sustainable Goal 3: Promote healthy lives and well-being for all. Includes reproductive health, discase prevention, universal healthcare access, and affordable drugs/vaccines. Average person takes 8.000-10.000 steps daily,

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