Center pivot irrigation is a widely adopted agricultural method that employs a rotating arm with nozzles to distribute water over crops. To optimize water usage and enhance efficiency, an IoT-based variable rate irrigation system has been developed. This system integrates sensors, satellites,

Laminated electrical steel core is an indispensable component of electric motors. It is required that the magnetic properties of the lamination core be optimum in all the directions of the sheet plane so that maximum efficiency and minimum energy losses can be achieved.

Non contacting opposable magnets allow for a non contact surface. This also allows for a return to a spring action in the joint.


Cervicocranium is the area extending from Occiput, C1 (Atlas) and C2 (Axis) vertebrae. Anatomical particularity that makes it a problem for conventional Atlanto-Occipital Joint imaging is that it is a pure rotational joint, and therefore,

Problem Statement: The solar industry struggles with the inefficiency and suboptimal performance of solar panels due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris. The current manual cleaning methods used for solar panel maintenance are time-consuming, costly, and potentially risky for workers.

I would like to nominate the F-35B Lift Fan System for the Create the Future Award in the category of Aerospace and Defense, in recognition of its breakthrough design and significant contribution to the aviation industry.

PREPchain *reverses* the large-scale climate impacts of blockchain technology, while making blockchain more secure & decentralized! In this network, block sealing capacity is proportional not to energy burned or economic resources posted, but electricity produced from renewable sources.

The quest for manufacturing green hydrogen fuel has gained increased urgency. Currently, the primary method of producing green hydrogen is electrolysis of water. As a water source, seawater offers many advantages over fresh-water, including its electrical conductivity much higher than that of fresh-water. Moreover,

As the world’s first hybrid fluoroscopic C-arm and mobile X-Ray system in one, FUJIFILM’s FDR Cross is a truly novel solution. The system offers both live fluoroscopic and static radiographic image capture for pre-,

Oil spillage is occurring quite often in water bodies such as sea, lake, rivers etc. Once oil spillage takes place, the process of oil collection and removing from water surface is extremely tedious since oil quick spreads over water surface.

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