Dishwashers in their current state require preparing, loading, and unloading the dishes just to have a machine take care of some of the work. In a world of crazy technologies like neural implants, nanotech, and the colonization of Mars, it's about time AI handled the dishes.

SolarAir Cylinder (SAC) - Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Units - provide Clean MW Electricity Production

SAC is designed to cleanly, affordably and efficiently charge EV batteries on highways and in other locations.

Where would this idea be applied?
The illustrated dancing snowman is a simple mechanism that combines articulation and side shift to provide adjustable on-the-go variable head and body motion to an inflatable yard decoration.

What problem does your design idea solve?

RSangoma is computerized application. The name RSangoma is derived from a word Sangoma which is a traditional healer. Here RSangoma is a short hand notation for a real medical doctor. Many times, especially in Namibia,

Carapace suit for motorcycle riders to minimize damage to their body in case of accident

The number of fatalities involving motorcycle riders is untenable.

The motorcycle helmet provides some protection but is insufficient to reduce the damage to the rest of the body.

The design idea aims to address several problems. Firstly, it tackles the underutilization of agricultural waste, specifically rice husk ash, in developing countries like Nigeria. By using rice husk ash as a filler in composite materials,

Project Proposal: Third Generation Precision Space Flight and Landing Systems

Our project aims to explore and evaluate a novel third generation of flight systems that go beyond the concepts of birds and airfoils, enabling precision space flight and landings using collapsible thruster-foils.

Excessive fan noise is prevalent everywhere, from noisy aircraft engines to annoying vacuum cleaners. The rise of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has contributed to this issue, particularly in cities, due to their constant humming. The incessant fan noise of drones can cause considerable nuisance and stress,

Sylves is a compact autonomous shared mobility. The intent of this concept is to aid in a strong assistance to public transportation system in urban scenario. The focus mainly lies on application of green and sustainable technology. Sylves is an autonomous vehicle navigating with the help of GPS systems.

The project is about a camera that can recognize and distinguish stray animals, and a feeding unit that can recognize lost animals with this camera and notify the relevant people, and its working method.

In particular, the project is about a feeding unit with artificial intelligence,

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