Compared to copper, per unit weight, sodium has three times the conductivity, seven times the impulse tolerance, but half the cost. Sodium’s explosive chemical reactivity, low tensile strength, and low melting point have heretofore prevented widespread use. However,

The most common deafness manifests as a diminished ability of the ear to detect certain tones and to separate some tones from others. The difficult tones are usually in the higher pitches.

With tools like LocateMyLaptop and LoJack for Laptops, law enforcement can identify the location of your stolen laptop within an address range. At that point, it may become necessary to obtain a warrant for several location wherein the DHCP range might be in use.

The system aims to save electric energy spent during the night by streetlights.

Today, several systems exist. They are based on a remote control of each lamp.

Communication increases the price of theses devices and requires configuration. Then they don't really save money.

The idea has to stay simple,

Most television broadcast stations, cable channels, and satellite channels use logos extensively. For example, in the History Channel, they use a bright “H” and other items in the corner of the picture continuously. This is very obnoxious and it distracts from the enjoyment of the picture.

As recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Japan have shown us, being able to communicate with the outside world is incredibly vital. the Flexible INternet Globally Enabled Router (or F.I.N.G.E.R.

Seventy-four million Americans snore every night and 28 million Americans are disturbed by snorers and suffer daytime fatigue. Sixty to seventy percent of shift workers have difficulty sleeping during the day and are often interrupted by noise, light, telephones, family members and other distractions.

The Thermo-Electric-Converter employs a thermally motivated electro-chemical reaction to cause electrical current.

The system works by thermally decomposing a certain solution (Chemical X), from liquid into 3 distinct gases. Upon the condensation of one gas,

By "Merging Waves" together to create "Electromagnetic Molds"
so that electrons and positrons (holes) hold into certain configurations that would allow Quantum fluid like logical control of atoms and molecules and particles, allowing a more precise production of sensors and electronic circuits.

U B Kool is a Permanent Ice Cube! When anybody feels hot and if he/she is at home then that person will open the refrigerator, grab an Ice Cube and place it on their forehead, cheeks and neck for few seconds. This gives the needed Cool Relief.

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