Compared to copper, per unit weight, sodium has three times the conductivity, seven times the impulse tolerance, but half the cost. Sodium’s explosive chemical reactivity, low tensile strength, and low melting point have heretofore prevented widespread use. However, my patented designs overcome these problems to create practical sodium wire that is lighter, cheaper, cleaner and safer than copper.

Figure 1: Basic wire structure. A springy flattened microtube with joined layers of tempered beryllium copper and aluminum alloy chemically isolate sodium while increasing wire tensile strength to 1/3rd that of conductively equivalent copper. Insulation reinforcement adds more strength if needed. Insulation microchannels contain fire-extinguishing electrically insulative liquid. Transverse metal bulkheads microencapsulate sodium.

The bimetallic microtube maintains sodium’s shape while melting ...

The most common deafness manifests as a diminished ability of the ear to detect certain tones and to separate some tones from others. The difficult tones are usually in the higher pitches. Conventional hearing aids only address problems of loudness at critical frequencies and cannot shift the pitches of sounds to frequencies that the faulted ear can use. If the brain does not retrieve words at acceptable pitches often enough, it forgets how to decode those words.

Early radio researchers developed Continuous Wave Modulation and Amplitude Modulation. A third invention, the less known Single Sideband Modulation can shift audible frequencies away from their original frequencies. Middle “C” on your piano might become “C-sharp” or “G” or it could appear ...

With tools like LocateMyLaptop and LoJack for Laptops, law enforcement can identify the location of your stolen laptop within an address range. At that point, it may become necessary to obtain a warrant for several location wherein the DHCP range might be in use. By the time a warrant is procured, your laptop (or other protected network asset) may have been moved without leaving a trace.

If your laptop smelled like drugs, Law Enforcement could use drug-sniffing dogs to scour the area and would have probable cause to search within spaces identified by K-9 units.

A Stinky Chip works in concert with one of the Internet location services and law enforcement to precisely pinpoint the location of a stolen ...

The system aims to save electric energy spent during the night by streetlights.

Today, several systems exist. They are based on a remote control of each lamp.

Communication increases the price of theses devices and requires configuration. Then they don't really save money.

The idea has to stay simple, and is resumed by these specifications:

1) You can imagine that all the streetlights have been installed with a lamp controller, called "system" in the following lines. The typical installation is shown in figure 1.

2) The system measures the duration of an electric light switching on, then indirectly, the system measures the night duration.

3) One night out of two, the system cut off the energy during 50% of ...

Most television broadcast stations, cable channels, and satellite channels use logos extensively. For example, in the History Channel, they use a bright “H” and other items in the corner of the picture continuously. This is very obnoxious and it distracts from the enjoyment of the picture. Who would want to go to the Bijou theater and have a bright “B” in the picture continually?

The Science Channel similarly does the same thing with their “Sc” and other promo information continuously. This again distracts from their picture and it is very annoying, Many other channels also use logos continuously and this is again very distasteful, but they do not use them during commercials. Advertisers would not want their commercials partially ...

As recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Japan have shown us, being able to communicate with the outside world is incredibly vital. the Flexible INternet Globally Enabled Router (or F.I.N.G.E.R.) seeks to address this by providing a compact unit designed to connect to the internet using any means currently available. It contains a variety of antennas, modems and routers so that it can enable the user to do an "end run" around downed phone lines, overloaded cell networks, or things like the "Great Firewall of China" and can even use "mesh networking" and MANET networking if no other connections are available.

Low power demands, compact size, and lightweight make it easy to be carried into disaster areas or ...

Seventy-four million Americans snore every night and 28 million Americans are disturbed by snorers and suffer daytime fatigue. Sixty to seventy percent of shift workers have difficulty sleeping during the day and are often interrupted by noise, light, telephones, family members and other distractions. Twenty five percent of Americans take some type of medication every year to help them sleep. Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 crashes a year. A market of 28 million people exists for a product that can alleviate these disturbances.

The Quiet Mask is an engineered pillow composed of memory foam that fits around three sides of your head. It houses two earmuffs that fit into the pillow to cover your ears. The mask is ...

The Thermo-Electric-Converter employs a thermally motivated electro-chemical reaction to cause electrical current.

The system works by thermally decomposing a certain solution (Chemical X), from liquid into 3 distinct gases. Upon the condensation of one gas, one of the remainder two gases is dissolved into the condensate (Solution A), allowing the remaining gas (Gas Z) to be separated and stored, for use later. Likewise Solution A can be stored in a reservoir.

To harness electrical current the Thermo-Electric-Converter (TEC) employs the exothermic recombination of Solution A and Gas Z to reform Chemical X, upon this reaction the chemical potential stored energy in the bonds can be observed as current across an anode and cathode. Upon recombination large pressure differentials are ...

By "Merging Waves" together to create "Electromagnetic Molds"
so that electrons and positrons (holes) hold into certain configurations that would allow Quantum fluid like logical control of atoms and molecules and particles, allowing a more precise production of sensors and electronic circuits.


The Idea Uses Positive and Negative waves that are merged together using special transducers
and antennas within an air core; inside as the waves merge the circuit is created by stabilizing the polarity's into the above "YouTube" video configurations. There are millions of configurations possible. Making millions of circuits possible that can change as to meet to the ...

U B Kool is a Permanent Ice Cube! When anybody feels hot and if he/she is at home then that person will open the refrigerator, grab an Ice Cube and place it on their forehead, cheeks and neck for few seconds. This gives the needed Cool Relief.

The problem is it is not easy to find ice wherever/whenever. U B Kool is a cell phone size electronic device which uses 30 BTU solid state cooling chip in conjunction with 4 AA size rechargeable batteries.

By the press of a button, a smooth blue aluminum disc gets cold, closer to freezing temperature. Like an electric shaver, place it on cheeks, etc.

Heaven sent opportunity for millions of golfers, beach/picnic enthusiasts, ...

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