The College Park Industries iPecs® (Intelligent Prosthetic Endo-Skeletal Component System) is a medical research device which will provide researchers a tool to accurately measure human locomotion or gait parameters on users of lower limb prostheses.

The backlight in laptops consumes a lot of power and is often not bright enough to compete with sunlight when viewed outdoors.

When inside, the traditional backlight is used. However, when used outside,

Space-borne communications platforms are restrictive on weight and mass as these are directly proportional to launch costs. As a result, the antennas are usually integrated on the platform as space available on an existing launch vehicle.

Counterfeit ICs used in critical systems are a threat to safety and security. It is difficult to identify counterfeit ICs quickly or accurately.

Using NDT Ultrasonic Resonance Testing methods, characteristic ultrasonic spectra signatures would be made of known 'good' ICs,

The Mithras Concentrator is a lightweight, rapidly deployable 100W solar power device, utilizing concentrated photovoltaic technology. CPV introduces a low-cost option to solar power generation, using reflective surfaces and a Fresnel lens to consolidate sunlight from a large area into a tighter beam.

Aircraft/micro-satellites/wearable canteen or backpack computers. All require reduced size & weight, and functional adaptations. The Nano-Frame concept requires the chip industry move forward to the System-On-a-Chip computing slices. This also provides the mechanism and future home for the evolutionary direction we are already heading.

Nanotechnology deals with the study of nano sized particles. With the study of nano size particles, devices, and composites, we will find ways to make stronger materials, detect diseases in the bloodstream, build extremely tiny machines, generate light and energy and purify water.

LED replacements for four foot T8 fluorescent lamps have a energy saving of about 35%. By adding a wireless or power line networking electronics directly into the tube additional energy savings can be accomplished, via dimming or selectively turning off individual tubes per fixture.

RF power amplifiers (PAs) operation most efficiently at near full power and most modulation schemes require an amplifier to be over designed to handle the cresting factor (average to peak power) which can be 12 dB or higher. With digital coding,

The nearly omnipresent wireline telephone system has been trying to get Broadband digital information to the greatest number of users with some form of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) signals called Discrete Multi Tone (DMT).

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