High quality lenses and image sensors for High Definition video are widely available in many current video cameras.

However, in order to record HD, the video is typically highly compressed, which typically involves some compromises in image quality. Typically the video is watchable,

Patented three piece bracket system used for hanging flat screen televisions and computer monitors in the corner of any room. Simple design makes for much faster and easier assembly than anything else currently on the market. Made of lightweight steel,

DC/DC transformer without inductive parts, is new way to increase voltage of DC source and decrease electric current, or decrease voltage and increase electric current. Very small losses (current for logic support) for manage operating of this unit, provide very efficient transforming voltage/current, for more voltage requests.

It has been shown that "plug-in" recharging of electric vehicles is likely to be a relatively short lived method transferring energy from a charging base station to the vehicle (See Reference).

For people who care about the size of their waist line, this is a digital version of a waist line measure.

This is any regular belt of choice but with a buckle that helps in recording your waist line size.

An e-block is an electronic block, a “lego” piece of electronics. One can order pieces of e-blocks and snap them together to build a working device in a matter of hours. This modular concept to building electronics enables engineers, hobbyists, and researchers alike to build customized,

Theme behind this:
There are nearly 900 million illiterates in the world today. Illiterate in the sense they don’t even know the basics of education -- for example, addition and subtraction which come under mathematical calculations.

We often encounter with situations like we need to take out print outs of some files from a pen drive but the PC connected to the printer is malfunctioning .Eventually we fail to take out the print outs though the printer is in perfect condition.

The threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack is very real. The United States’ posture and readiness with regards to such an attack could best be described as passive and reactive. An attack of this nature would compromise the infrastructure and severely cripple the nation.

I am pleased to present to you Everlasting Memories, as invented by Tony Pettry. Conceptually speaking, this invention is a line of headstones and grave markers featuring interactive video screens which display photographs, home movies and audio commentary of the departed.

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