The omni-IDE is a versatile, comprehensive electronic appliance that serves as a core platform for a wide range of embedded applications, hence the name "omni-IDE." Astute readers will recognize that this single design is suitable as a basis for a wide range of embedded applications.

Power where you need it.

Our modern lifestyles constantly demand electricity. At the same time our electronic devices are becoming increasingly portable. The antiquated system of fixed power outlets limits our mobility, does not accept new technologies, and creates unsafe situations.

A single Opto-Electronic, Non-Volatile Memory Cell (OENVM) capable of storing 16-Bits of data in a small (n scale) could result in fast, compact, memory storage for future computers.

Being able to modulate light’s properties (e.g. frequency, intensity, polarization, phase, etc.

This is a unique new approach for Voltage References, not based on zener or bandgap use, that can be built using Bipolar, JFET, or MOS process technologies. The voltage output level is determined by the ratio of resistors, capacitors or inductors. Absolute part values, transistor gain,

In this summary I try to briefly introduce the problem and a design for cheap photonic logic circuit proofing.

The problem.
Photonic Computing is the use of light to do computation. Via intensity modulating laser sources in order to get a binary representation of info onto a carrier.

This invention is a portable magnetic strip writer and reader. This device allows the user to "swipe" a magnetic card manually for both writing and reading magnetic information to or from a card with a magnet strip and a series of closely spaced printed optical bars.

The Trekr Design Multi-screen Workstation © has four screens in a portable PC configuration. The screens have individual on/off controls, so even when not turned on, the additional screens act as a hood to improve visibility and privacy. My design makes them available in a laptop,

If you're not familiar with a (LoaC), it's a concept that's been around for over a decade. Essentially, once the protocol for a chemistry or biology experiment has been figured out, it's possible to automate that experiment.

We know that the main task of microelectronics is to decrease the computation time possibly reducing the power consumption of microchips. In fact to raise the clock speed is no more the right way to improve the performances.

Single Wire/Object Transmission, and future repercussions on the technology of Wireless Power Transmission (WPT)

Engineering solutions to the development of techniques to transfer power through any physical medium or object is envisioned to mitigate the complexity involved in the wiring of electronic and electrical systems.

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