This device is a solar water distiller for producing ultra-pure drinking and cooking water using a new operating principle involving a spray water feed which flash-evaporates, yielding high efficiency and the ability to tilt the unit toward the sun throughout the year.

With up to 35% fuel saving and meeting ISO 50001 standards, this system would assist in power management of Heavy Truck tractor trailers.

1st) Solar panels are located on 3 sides of the boxed trailer to continuously charge onboard batteries, either stationary or in motion.

This device allows the replacement of vacuum tubes with a solid-state device. The user still gets the "tube" sound that has had a resurgence in the last few years.

As a consequence of the replacement, energy used for lighting the filament is saved,

The Solo high-performance, single-seat vehicle is designed to explore new ideas in personal transportation. The product of many years experience in the high-performance automotive, aircraft and composite-materials industries, Solo is ultra-light, highly fuel-efficient and offers the performance,

There is an overlooked and extremely powerful alternative energy source that is renewable and that has been available since at least the formation of salt water oceans: the electrostatic fields of like-charged solute ions.

LEDs are about 8 times as efficient as incandescent lights. With cost coming down what holds back this highly efficient light source from becoming the main lighting in the world? The answer is heat.

Soshowise.com is a marketplace for face to face expert advice on just about any subject. Soshowise is like YouTube, except every video producer is an expert in a topic, and they can charge people for live video consultations.


US Patent # 8,179,234
Dennis Atwood

I have invented a sound generation apparatus for a hybrid or electric vehicle which is attached to, or integrated into, a wheel. Faraday generators are positioned radially around the wheel,

BabyDot™ is a simple label that changes color when breast milk spoilage is expected to occur.

Moms want to keep the food that they give their babies safe. Breast milk only lasts for about 6 days in the regrigerator and only 6 hours at room temperature. Before BabyDot™,

The need to clean up space debris is urgent. We propose a comprehensive, self-sufficient and robotically enabled system, avoiding multiple launch support platforms once deployed. The main outlines comprise an initial vehicle together with a related debris processing plant.

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