Nowadays astronaut's health in space depends on many factors. Two of them physical activity and gravitational force. My idea to use simple training tool (picture 1).

Tool consists of three main parts:
1) one (or two) wheel bicycle.
2) frame
3) shaft.

In the last decades the private space sector has increased its initiative independently from or in tight collaboration with the national and international space agencies. Many companies have the capabilities of designing and actually building satellites or entire modules of the International Space Station.

The Sparrowhawk is a scalable, modular, ram-air chute, micro unmanned aerial vehicle and aerial delivery system that provides a viable solution to a variety of mission needs, including, but not limited to, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), communications, communications relay, and emergency supply delivery.

These exterior devices will help drivers who don´t have these precaution elements.

Figure 1: The rear speed indicator, indicates caution to the vehicle coming behind,
at the moment of overtaking in a safe way and contributes to respecting the speed limits of the area.

Start up of energy equipment is guided by some restrictions of acceptable temperature changes with the aim to avoid higher stress conditions in construction materials.

These restrictions lie in a range of several [K/minute] to avoid higher stresses in construction during start up processes.

If these loadings,

The Spot Metal Detector is a metal detecting system designed to scan and indicate the location of underground metal objects with a marking fluid or paint. The device vastly improves the abilities to scan large areas for metal objects accurately and safely from a remote location.

“Squeezzz Lane”

(The Virtual Car Pool Lane)

Copyright 2012
Joe Anderson – Illinois, USA

Roads in cities around the world are becoming more congested. The demand for travel exceeds the capacity of our existing roads. Cash and land shortages restrict governments’ ability to expand roads.

With plastic pollution becoming an increasingly growing threat, with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or drinkable water pollution, the need to revise our consumer habits is needed. By using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, the use of plastic would be greatly reduced.

The front-line military cargo & bomber aircraft of many countries are aging and unfortunately cannot face the constant threat posed to them by today's cutting edge fighter aircraft possessed by many developed and developing countries.

Escalators (moving stairs) are widely used in public places.
Many a times only a single person is present on the escalator and the entire thing has to move i.e. many vacant stairs. Even vacant stairs have weight, owing to the fact that they are made of steel.

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