The development of the ZeeEye UAV provides environmentally friendly production and low-cost lightweight, durable proprietary CBM™ materials.

Technical Abstract:

As UAV technology is rapidly evolving to meet specific operational requirements, the ZeeEye combines three high power and money saving technologies which provide the ZeeEye extended flight endurance.

In every field and in every country, there is a desperate need for leadership. And with millions of people homeless and unproductive, housing design demands a new vision and a fresh approach.

With at least 30 million existing shipping containers that can be easily repurposed,

Your vote can help wean the world off of fossil fuels by using pellet stoves to power vehicles and machinery and generate electricity. Pellets can be made from any locally available renewable fuels, including trash, manure, bedding, food waste, etc., turning waste disposal problems into valuable fuel resources.

Modular panel truss bridges are used worldwide to bridge gaps in the road network. Often based on the WWII “Bailey Bridge” design, these structures are deployable in weeks. These structures can be “launched” (installed) from one bank across a gap.

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