Machinery & Equipment

The engine shown in Figure 1 is an external combustion type engine which has two air ports, working in a way similar to a two stroke internal combustion engine.

The hot air goes to the burner and is used for improving its efficiency.

Fencing Automation Machine(FAM)
Machine for Erecting/Fixing Paling Planks to a Pre-Erected Wooden Fence Frame

My proposal is to Design & Build a machine or “Automation/Tool – The FAM” to help & aid a fence builder, Construct Paling Type Fences in quite varying terrains.

This valve allows individual selection of 2 or more fluid sources by applying a reverse pressure pulse downstream from the valve. The valve has been produced with plastic molded parts and tested at inches of water pressure,

A large unmet need in the oil and gas industry is a portable power generation system which is reliable, requires little maintenance, can operate continuously for extended periods of time, and has the capacity to consume on-site fuel.

Dynamo Micropower is developing robust, fuel flexible,

Biogas is one of the alternative energies that has been widely applied to the community, especially for the farm. Of the various types of gas contained in the biogas, methane is the energy source with a composition ranging from 40-70%.

Problem Statement:
Production demands on skilled workers are at an all time high. Welders, assembly technicians, machine builders and repair workers all have to endure long hours of repetitive physical maneuvers which many times include hand cranking workbench clamps and vises.


The payload capacity of a wheel loader is directly related to the weight and volume of its bucket, by reducing the weight of bucket,the payload capacity is increased and can handle more cargo, using same amount of fuel.

I have proposed a system of linear motion modules used only for light commercial applications.

Wherever there is a need to displacement light parts at higher speeds, in assembly lines, packaging lines, in positioning systems and many other applications.

ME2 is an Internal Combustion Rotary Engine. The ME2 is a true rotary engine, all moving parts are balanced and rotate from one central axis. The ME2 (unlike reciprocating piston engines) maximizes its torque output throughout the lenght of its power stroke. Made from ceramic material,

The idea of new type of heat engine (called Heat Pipe Engine, HPE, hereafter) is derived from pressure variation inside the heat pipe vessel in its operation.

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