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This is a new use of a modified version of U.S. patent 6,030,156, that has not been commercialized. The peck drill design was originally used to produce small diameter deep holes (in sizes smaller than 1/16"). The modified version starts from 1/16" and larger.

Object Tracking Device is otherwise known as an object selecting device. This can be done by using our eye. At the front of the eye, keep three layers of transparent sheets. The inner most layer has an ordinary transparent sheet.

Historically, lobe pumps have not had wide spread industrial use because of the problems of pulsating flow, large size due to low rotor speed and low NPSH. A company in California is testing a new design that will change all that. The new design,

An o-ring that is designed to replace standard o-rings in SAE J1453 o-ring face seal hydraulic fitting adapters. The o-ring is designed to eliminate warranty concerns with blowouts at the Face Seal end that also prevent oil leaks in hydraulic fitting adapters.

Bernoulli principle automatic gripping-handling device with electric eye and electromagnet can be used in many industry branches. It has easy and cheap construction. It can grip and very precisely orient cylinder-type metal objects without mechanical contact with those objects. It consists of (Fig.

High blood pressure is rising in the global population and this is the invisible killer, sometimes no signs before a heart attack. We have tested years ago that releasing the arterial ans veins can extend the life and let patient free from pain,

I developed a residential elevator, different from that commonly used. It was developed with basic principles of mechanics, materials and cheaper using hydraulics and control to make it work. Some of the advantages of this elevator are:

Cheaper than those commonly used
Easy installation (no special construction needs,

Sol-X is designing and building the world’s first commercial space diving suit.

The RL Mark VI is intended to operate on Earth, low Earth orbit, and long range space missions. This suit will increase safety and productivity on manned space missions,

Importance of the work

Waste disposal is a crucial problem in developing countries particularly in India due to heavy population. Presently in India, sanitary workers are using the oldest devices like brooms, iron plates and bamboo baskets for primary collection of solid waste.

The design is for a segmented welding filler rod for use with oxy-acetylene or TIG welding in steel aluminium copper etc..

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