The most efficient engines in the world are two-stroke diesels. They are used in locomotives and ships where fuel cost is the most important thing. However their peak efficiency (about 50%) is at one power level, which is usually the maximum power. Locomotives solve this problem by having multiple engines and running as many as needed. That way they can have the peak efficiency at any load. Four-stroke diesels are used in trucks and buses. They are not as efficient (about 40%) but have a wide useful power range. Gasoline car engines are less efficient (peak at about 35%) but engineers have improved hybrid car efficiency. Generally hybrids run the engine at its most efficient power level. The Prius ...

The loss of life in the case of a home fire can be quick and devastating. Often pets or children are involved and often the fires start at night and in the winter or due to foul play.

What can a parent do to help fire personnel quickly locate their children if they are unable in the case of heavy smoke or being cut off?

One answer might be an add-on or new device based on an old idea of a sticker: the idea is to have an LED flashing "x" marks the spot.

This remotely activated red colored LED "x" can be set off by a smoke detector that sends a wireless signal to this solar or lithium battery ...

The energy crisis persists all across the globe. We think of recovering the energy which is already spent but not being utilized further, to overcome this crisis with no huge investment.

The climatic change and global warming demand accessible and affordable cooling systems in the form of refrigerators and air conditioners. Annually billions of dollars are spent in serving this purpose. Hence forth, we suggest NO COST Cooling Systems.

Idea and Concept:
Petroleum gas is stored in liquefied state before its utilization as fuel. The energy spent for pressurizing and liquefying is not recovered afterwards. If it is expanded in an evaporator, it will get vaporized and absorb heat to produce cooling.

This property has been used for ...

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