Water seems like it’s all around us, right? But the truth is, it’s not available everywhere. Water is the one essential of every community and every single life depends on it. That’s why when typical well pumps cannot perform, The Well Dr. succeeds.

Atlantic Motor Labs, Inc. (AML) was formed to commercialize the hydraulic & pneumatic motor design developed by founder Braden Murphy, who recently received the Governor General’s Gold Medal for his engineering graduate work at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) on the design. His designs are novel compared to existing technology,

The innovation and driving force for the wind turbine solar water pump is brought about by the needs for basic resources such as safe and drinkable water in third world countries as well as environments that make attainability hard if not almost impossible.

This is Aviation's latest advance. The developer has a patent. The Otto US Patent is #8,376,268 for a flight control system using air thrust devices. The aviation market grows over 6% per year. New commercial (4/day) and military (2/day) aircraft can be supplied w/ the systems.

Unknown hydro & aerodynamic technologies are used to make directional thrust devices for water and aircraft. Analytical control software is in specification stage that can multi-task. The software can make operation of water or aircraft easier. In addition,

This device is for the transmission of energy to the electrical system of the body via wireless inductive coupling. It is designed to serve in several capacities:

1. A source of stable amplitude on a particular vector to neuronal tissues of the body without surgical invasion.

This is Wireless Solar Panel Heated Windshield Wiper Blade.
It is easy to install. Its performance is much better than Wire Heated Windshield Wiper Blade. There is no electric wire or hot water tube. The Solar Panel saves and makes power, and then makes the frame and rubber warm.

Introducing the Wobbli - Hand Drill Powered Wallboard Outlet Cutout Tool - Needs Just Seconds to Cut an Exact Hole to Make Quick Work of Your Projects - Faster and Less Dust than any other method!

Contractors have lots to do to make your projects come to life.

This concept is for several wound dressing conditions. Foremost to me is burn wound dressings. Burn patients suffer from pain when their dressings are changed. One use of this concept is to pump numbing and sterile gels in between the dressing and the wound.

Many people use roller skates, skate boards or even ice skates. Traveling short distances with these devices is fun and good exercise. However, a simple device called WROOM BROOM would make longer distance travel with rolling foorwear a breeze.

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