Touchtech Lima is a premium multi-touch software solution. It is designed for multi-touch table and wall displays to create interactive presentations using your existing files (pictures, videos, and documents etc).

Solar energy is a dilute form of energy, to achieve temperatures above 90°C, the concentration of Solar radiations is must. Various types of concentrators are developed, namely Concave reflective, Convex transmissive, Fresnel lens based, Cylindrical line focusing or Spherical/Parabolic point focusing and so on. All these concentrators,

Tractional Stability Control System for Automobiles is an innovation that has been specifically designed to provide stability to the vehicle during extreme maneuvers like high-speed cornering. This innovation can prove as one of the most effective safety installations in an automobile.

Most of the times people near the traffic signals wasting time because of the particular time is fixed in changing signal eventhough no one is moving. Hence by using the sensors (like SICK's mid range distance sensors-DL50 which are cheaper and accurate),

Tram-car indicator - the device is mounted on a tram and a car. Tram indicator sends a signal to the car of the tram stop when the driver of the car does not see this because of another car standing. Then, the device stops the car by force.

TriWheel walker wheel system, intended to make the use of walkers more safe and easier to use on rough or uneven surfaces.

The natural calamities, often unprecedented in scale, are difficult to predict accurately. The tsunamis, though rare, are high impact phenomena, exposing coastal people and island habitats to great risks. The impact of tsunamis is higher in scattered/undeveloped coastal communities, devoid of modern communications and media coverage.

If I can to tune a broadcasting station, then I also can tune the sun's light because the light is an electromagnetic wave.

The tuning circuit (coil+capacitor) captures the electromagnetic signal from the light and generate

In my country the resources do not exist for this project.

"Optimal" engines for general aviation (GA) and "flying cars."

PROBLEM: Freedom of movement characterizes the essential quality of human life. However, we are limited in movement: our cars are attached to roads and bridges,

Driving a car with an automatic gearbox requires transferring the right foot from one pedal to the other, which takes about 0.4 seconds. Over that interval, at 75 mph,

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